Ep: 211 – Agents Of Lions Frustration – The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case kick off mandatory mini-camp, discuss Hard Knocks, and dissect the offensive line.  We’re also joined by Jeff ‘The Riz’ Risdon to discuss the newly breaking contract dispute with Darius Slay and Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison.

Detroit Lions Podcast Is Ready For Hard Knocks

We kick it all off with the chatter that won’t go away – HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’. While we both love and hate the idea of the Lions being featured, in the end we just want an answer. It sounds like it’s down to the Lions and Raiders and we talk about the logic behind HBO picking either one.

We take another look at Teez Tabor and some changes he’s gone through in the last year. He sounds like he has really buckled down and is working on his game harder than ever. We discuss what that mean for him and how the team should assess his performance. It’s not time to give up just yet.

Then the Detroit Lions Podcast opens the book on CJ Anderson and what he means to Detroit’s offense. With Kerryon Johnson‘s injury history, it’s good to have a hungry back itching to break out. Anderson brings that to Detroit and even as a “second on the committee” back, he will make a noticeable impact this year. This could be a good year for Anderson and Lions fans, definitely one to watch.

Offensive Lines Aren’t Offensive

Well, the offensive line seems to be locked in at this point. Things could switch up but the Taylor Decker – Kenny Wiggins – Frank RagnowGraham Glasgow – Rick Wagner crew seems to have locks on their spots. What does this mean for the team, and its most expensive player, Matthew Stafford? The Detroit Lions Podcast breaks it down.

After that we discuss Calvin Johnson, he’s back in Lions news – and it’s not hugs and cuddles. He’s put a price on hugs and snuggles with Lions – likely over the market rate. We go over the situation, and even wind up with a caller who brings the conversation to an excellent conclusion.

Contracting Something Ugly

Lastly we are joined by Jeff Risdon to discuss the week’s big news, Darius Slay and Damon Harrison not showing up at mandatory mini-camp. This is both frustrating and depressing for Lions fans, and it is likely for Slay and Snacks as well.  We talk about why there are likely different motivations for the players, but a single reason why. We also do a little role playing, and devil’s advocating around the impasse in an effort to provide perspective. In the end we want it all to work out in the best way possible for all involved parties.

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