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In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris is joined by Dean Blandino to discuss the most recent week’s Lions officiating controversy. This game presented a number of opportunities to look at officiating, why specific calls were made, and why others weren’t. Dean also takes your calls and answers your questions directly.  Eventually, Chris has to ask the question that all of the keyboard warriors were afraid to ask.

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This game against the Kansas City Chiefs was a thriller. You could tell the Lions have turned a corner as a team and the future is bright in Detroit. Unfortunately, the team had to play through a number of calls that didn’t necessarily go the teams’ way. Previous Lions teams might have folded and ended the game in a hopeless loss. This Lions team was in it to the very last play. While the scoreboard didn’t show the score Lions fans hoped for, the team showed that they are made of something much different than before. This is the stuff that competitors are made of. It might be just the stuff winners are made of.

Dean talks about the points of the officiating in the game that fans have an issue with and tells us where good calls were made (and why) as well as where officiating mistakes were made. We also take a broader look at the rules of the game and discuss changes we’d like to see there.  Lastly, we open the calls to the fans and allow folks to directly ask Dean what’s been on their mind about anything at all.

Where Are You Tough Guys?

In the end, the keyboard warriors were afraid to call, so Chris asked the question that all the tough guys wanted to know about. Dean goes into the infamous ‘Party Bus’ situation and explains how it all went down, who was involved (nope, no hookers or blow), and the significant issue of the timeline. It’s a good conversation overall, and Lions fans can take a lot away from this.

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