Ep: 297 – Atlanta Falcons Post Game – Detroit Lions Podcast

In this live episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Sandman kick off celebration Sunday after a great Lions win over the Atlanta Falcons. The Atlanta Falcons were a good test for a Lions team who needs to string a few wins together to have any hope of making this season relevant. For Matt Patricia, the Atlanta Falcons could very well have had his career in their hands. Instead, the Lions walk away with a win.

The Atlanta Falcons Defense showed up!

This game against the Atlanta Falcons was widely expected to be a shoot-out, with neither defense garnering a whole lot of respect around the league. The Lions were able to bring the defense that showed itself in Jacksonville on the trip to Atlanta, and the Falcons stepped up to ensure the Lions didn’t have an easy day of it. The result was a score that came in under the Vegas O/U by 15 points. The Atlanta Falcons are definitely a better team than their record shows, but for two away games in a row, the Lions were able to cinch up and walk away with a win. On different note, that’s coach Matt Patricia’s first two-win streak since he started coaching the Lions.

Detroit Lions Podcast Sees A Test Against The Colts

The Lions have been on a great trajectory since the bye week, two wins and a lot of hop starting to come back. The Indianapolis Colts will provide the next test, a better team than both Atlanta and Jacksonville, this feels like the Lions are marching toward the next boss in your favorite video game. Slowly escalating difficulty coupled with a need for an increased level of play to find success. Are the Lions up to the task? Three of the last four games of the season will present a series of boss battles that may determine more than just the playoff fate of this team…

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