A “Staff Daddy” Tattoo For St. Jude and for Violet

A Detroit Lions fan helps change the lives of others as a result of his own heartbreak.

After a very short wait, it has happened. Our wonderful volunteer known only by his “Staff Tatty” nickname has brought forth pictures of him getting his “Staff Daddy” tattoo. What would drive someone to such lengths? A giant heart, a love of the Lions, and the tragic loss of his daughter. The story that follows is heart-wrenching, fun, and inspirational all at once. Let’s get into it.

Detroit Lions Podcast has raised over $17,000 for St. Jude… So far.

It all started as we were putting together the 2nd Annual Detroit Lions Podcast St. Jude Charity Fundraiser. This year given the moniker, “Christmas for the Kids.” A gentleman from Australia, known only as, Staff Tatty offered a bonus if we could reach the $5,000 donation mark within the first three hours of 24-hour the live stream. His commitment was that he would get a tattoo of “Staff Daddy” on his chest, live on the stream. At the 59-minute mark, just before time expired, a gentleman known as “Golden” came in with the final $808.93 needed to push us over the $5,000 mark. This set the wheels in motion for Staff Tatty to forever bare the “Staff Daddy” tattoo.

Due to some complications with math and the international date line, Staff Tatty made a mistake in scheduling his appointment with the artist and was unable to get in to a tattoo parlor in time to do it on the live stream. Nevertheless he was undeterred and made an appointment as soon as he could. As a result, we are now in possession of pictures and video of the event.

Doing it for Violet

It was important for Staff Tatty to follow through on this promise, as he wanted to do this in honor of his late daughter, Violet. You see, Violet, drowned earlier this year at 3 1/2 years of age. She was taken to an Australian hospital and they were amazing in their care and attempt to save her. Unfortunately, Violet didn’t make it. While not a situation where St. Jude was there or needed, he says that he understands the pain and grief of a parent who has lost a child all too well, and to him, doing something to help make the world a better place for other parents suffering with their children has become an important mission. It is in this spirit that we share some of the most amazing pictures and video to come from the first $5,000 raised this year for St. Jude.

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