Detroit Lions Podcast and Lions Nation Unite Announce Partnership

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Herman Moore’s “Lions Nation Unite” Platform and Detroit Lions Podcast Announce Partnership

Its a great day for Lions fans everywhere, Pro Bowl Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Herman Moore’s “Lions Nation Unite” platform launched today with a number of top-tier content creators on board to provide an experience that fans have been craving for years. The Detroit Lions Podcast is happy to announce that we have joined those creators as a partner with Herman Moore’s “Lions Nation Unite” platform. Unbridled passion without the restraints that come with the sites and apps that corporate America has foisted upon fans. “Lions Nation Unite” provides an opportunity for fans to engage with each other, content creators, and members of the Lions monarchy such as Moore himself.

Chris from the Detroit Lions Podcast was quoted as saying, “This is an opportunity to not only build our brands, but to give fans a home where they can share their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams for the team that they love. Its a place without manufactured content and ‘AstroTurf’ – its real, raw, and from the heart. We’re lucky to have someone like Herman to bring this great group of creators together. That said, the bigger story is the charity work we plan to do together – for The Detroit Lions Podcast, our next big event is for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital beginning on November 5th. We have a powerhouse of creators ready to infuse key charities with the love and support that only Lions fans can provide.” See the full interview with Chris, Jeff Risdon, and Herman Moore here:

You can click here to access the platform, or head to your Apple or Android App Store to download the “Lions Nation Unite” app.

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