I have Faith In You Bob Quinn – For Now

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I want to have hope in new(ish) Lions GM Bob Quinn. He comes from a winning culture; we in Detroit do not. Maybe that’s why it’s hard for us to really believe that finally, after all these years, we have the right man running the Detroit Lions. Last year can be considered a success, thanks to the wildcard playoff berth. I don’t know if it’s greed, or the way that the last month or so of the season played out, but I cannot help but be disappointed. I sure would’ve liked that NFC North crown. I bought cigars and everything. I was ready to party Wayne Fontes style. What I do know, is that I CANNOT handle another regression. I cannot deal with a 4-12 season, or a 1-7 start to the season again. Both of these things have happened the year after our Lions have made the playoffs in recent history.

We have to build. I want us to build. I pray for us to build, and maybe – just maybe – have two consecutive playoff berths. Please. Please? Anyways. God, I just want consistent success. Where was I? Oh yeah. Like any Lions fan who was born into this darkness, I go back and forth routinely. Three days ago I had given up hope already for next year. Hell, even Wednesday after the first news of the day came with the resigning of the unspectacular Khyri Thornton, I had given up.

Then came some good news. First, a proven NFL right tackle. Ricky Wagner from Baltimore. Ranked 11th out of possible NFL free agents during this off-season. Now, Detroit fans, pay close attention. This man, in my opinion, will be dragged down soon. That’s because he is now in Detroit (#DetroitVsEverybody). News will come out soon that we overpaid for him, and that will be because he is in Detroit. Do not listen. Reiff fared well in the RT experiment. But Wagner is better. He is young, he is experienced at RT and most importantly, he didn’t fail at protecting Matthew Stafford when it mattered in the playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys a few years ago (hello Riley). So at the estimated $9 million per year, in my opinion, bargain.

I was already feeling good after this signing, and thought to myself, thank God. Bob Quinn is going to try. His job as Lions GM isn’t going to be super super long term. Then I got another notification, and my smile grew even bigger.

Detroit just added LB Paul Worrilow to the mix. Fresh out of Atlanta, this 26 year old young man definitely adds to the trenches of the Detroit defense. Immediately. Although he entered the league undrafted, he doesn’t face the tallest of mountains to make an impact in Detroit. Levy is Levy. Whether I am right or wrong, in my opinion, Levy was more concerned with off the field issues, much more than he was with Detroit Lions football. With that being said, I love Tahir Whitehead, but his regression last year was not only obvious but extremely painful. This signing of Paul Worrilow, looks to heal this pain.

I’ll finish with this. Good job Bob Quinn. I trust you. I finally trust you, and feel like you want to actually win games, and you want to avoid the fall that comes after the pride. For now.

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