Lions Preseason: Game 3 Bingo

We here at are all Lions fans, and as Lions fans, we know that sometimes preseason games can get a bit… tedious. It isn’t always the most entertaining to watch Billy Rodgers, scrappy player from New Mexico community college cover Jalen Bogerald, 28 year old journeyman coming off of an ACL injury in the 4th quarter while all the stars stand on the sidelines in those cool hats that never look as cool when I wear them. Good thing we are around, because I made some bingo cards so you didn’t have to!

Bingo is dumb you say? I agree. That is why I won’t be playing bingo. I, as any good Lions fan should, will use the cards as an opportunity to drink copious amounts of alcohol. That tends to have the side effect of making everything I do much more fun. My neighbor doesn’t like it when I accidentally weed wack her yard, but she is old and doesn’t understand the millennial generation. Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon public intoxication!

Now, I am not suggesting you run out and buy a bottle of medium shelf whiskey and take a shot whenever one of your squares gets landed on, but… I mean that is what I will be doing. Hopefully I am sleeping soundly by the time former 7th round pick Barko Morris is getting a majority of the carries at running back.

I made two in case you have a friend and want to play with them as well. Please click the images to enlarge and print them to your hearts content.

So without further ado:Bingo-Cards

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