Sandman’s Ebron Highlights Drop!

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By Kyle Miller

Eric Ebron – 10th overall pick with a size and speed combination that should equate to matchup nightmares for opposing defenses. While that formula didn’t quite pan out in 2014, we got to see much more of what this man is capable of in 2015 as he gained more than double his previous yards and found himself in the end zone 5 times.

His athleticism has never been in question. The majority of drops and mistakes in his first year can easily be chalked up to mental errors. Whether this was a result of being new to the NFL or entering into a complicated scheme that hindered most of the offense, this year we got to see how effective of a weapon he can be.

Sandman starts us out on the right foot as we see the 6’4” North Carolina product snag a sidearm throw with one hand proving that he has the ability to bring in any ball within reach. We get more glimpses of his talent to make contested grabs; but you’ll notice quite quickly that he does his best work in space. Get him open a few yards past the line of scrimmage and watch him fly. Well fly, hurdle or truck opposing defenders to the ground. He becomes an absolute chore to take down after the catch. Even after wrapping him up, Connor Barwin of the Eagles has to resort to a German suplex to keep him from the 1st Down marker.

Video used with kind permission from Sandman

Love him or hate him, Eric Ebron is a member of the Detroit Lions and will be for a while. In my opinion, that’s a great thing. Was 10th overall too rich? Yes, as guys in that range are expected to produce immediately and at a high level. However, Sandman’s Slowlights put his immense upside on display. If Ebron stays on this current trajectory, a 1,000 yard – 10 touchdown season is a real possibility.

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