Is Detroit Lions Football Making Our Lives Shorter?

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Are Detroit Lions Fans Wishing Away The Offseason To Their Detriment?

I am about to share with you something I have never said out loud before. You readers will be the first to hear it. Ok, are you ready? Here it goes, (deep breath)…I have thought about not watching football anymore. That’s right, yes I have honestly contemplated giving it up.

Now before you start drawing conclusions let me tell you it has nothing to do with the Detroit Lions not winning. Ok, so it does in part but not how you’re thinking. It’s not the fact that I am tired of the losing and believe me just like all of you I most certainly am but it’s the effect I find it taking on my life. It’s not dampening my life or sending me into deep depressions or anything like that, although I hate losing as much as the next person, and I mean hate it. It’s the fact that I find the 6 months without football honesty flies by too fast and I don’t stop and enjoy as much as I should.

I don’t know if I’m alone here but when we have losing seasons or just quite don’t do it I’m wishing every day for the next season to roll around to finally feel the joy of being a winner and finally being able to prove everybody wrong. When I say every day I really mean it. Some of you may have the ability to tune out all the Detroit Lions hate but I, unfortunately, don’t – so I’m reading and hearing everything and every single day I’m wishing the season was here to finally do something. To finally reward my years of dedicated fandom with something meaningful, finally shut the haters and the talking heads up, shut all the division fans up, all of it.

My mind is constantly on football and the next season and I find my days shortened due to it. I’m just waiting for another day closer to the season, I’m just counting down the minutes and it’s excruciating. Half of a year gone in what seems only a couple of months because I’m wishing the days away effectively shortening my life. Not in a physical sense but in a mental sense and the feeling of time flying by. Life goes fast anyway at my age, now I’m making it go by even faster. I mentioned earlier about winning something meaningful and honestly, that’s being optimistic. If we win a playoff game then I’ll be excited and wishing away the offseason to advance on the success of the prior season so then there would be another continuous loop of watching and wishing, wishing and watching.

This leads me to the question, is winning a Super Bowl the only thing that can put a stop to my ultra-accelerated life and bring back to just normal over-25 (that’s all you’ll get out of me on my age) speed? Maybe finally reaching the pinnacle would stop the obsessed wishing away the offseason and just bring it back to a normal football itch. I can tell you with certainty what I suffer from is more than the regular football itch tenfold. A Super Bowl might be the cure; then there’s not the want for finally doing it, then there’s not the need to finally prove everybody wrong and have everything you’ve been saying finally validated. No more listening to the media talk about the Detroit Lions as if they’re not even an NFL franchise, finally, we could say we did it and you all can eat it.

Of course, there would then be the hunger for more but the need to prove anything would be gone. To be finally able to say we did it would mean something, not being the butt of every joke would mean something, this fanbase being fully united due to success would mean something. So now that you have sat through the entirety of my confession I ask you, the reader. Do you suffer from this same thing and do you think a Super Bowl is the only thing that could cure it – or could it even do that? I would definitely love to hear your thoughts and what your honest opinion is. 

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