Writer’s RoundTable: 2016 Schedule Prediction

Writer’s Roundtable is Live

On April 14th at 8p.m. the Detroit Lions NFL schedule for next season was released. The 3 writers from the Detroit Lions Podcast got together to discuss the schedule and what they are predicting for each week.

For individual predictions Adam Klepp said that he thought the lions would go .500 or above, ending the season between 8-8 and 10-6. A more optimistic view came from Brandon Knapp who stated that he felt the Lions would end the season 10-6. The pessimistic viewpoint came from Nathan Cheatham who said that he had the team at 7-9.

The writer’s only agreed unanimously on the out come of 7 games, with the Lions winning against the Titans, Eagles, and at home against the Bears. They also unanimously agreed on 4 losses all on the road against, the Packers, Houston, Giants, and the Vikings. During the breakdown, Klepp and Cheatham both agreed the team would go 7-9 but disagreed on how that would happen. Knapp stuck to his prediction of 10-6, laying out a clear path for the Lions to get to the playoffs.

According to the writer’s picks their collaborative prediction is 9-7. The wins for next year will come against, the Colts, Titans, twice against the Bears, the Eagles, Rams, Redskins, Jaguars, and the Saints. The losses will be both times against the Packers and the Vikings, Texans, Giants, and Cowboys. With a division record of 2-4 the Lions will be hard pressed to make it to the playoffs according to this prediction.

Detroit Lions 2016 Season Consensus Prediction:

@Colts- W

Titans- W

@Packers- L

@Bears- W

Eagles- W

Rams- W

Redskins- W

@Texans- L

@Vikings- L


Jaguars- W

Vikings- L

@Saints- W

Bears- W

@Giants- L

@Cowboys- L

Packers- L

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Nathan Cheatham
Nathan Cheatham grew up in downriver Detroit, and after much traveling landed in Hartford, CT. A journalism major, he has been writing news for the past four years. You can see examples of it at www.facebook.com/cheathamscorner and contact him at www.twitter.com/natecheat. A newer football fan, Cheatham became a Detroit Lions fan soon after the 0-16 season. An avid Fantasy Football enthusiast, he has been running his own personal league for nearly 10 years. Regardless of what some might say, he is convinced the Lions will have Super Bowl Victory next year!