Fantasy Football 101: Picking Your User Site

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A key part of the morale of any fantasy football league is choosing the best site to work with. If your league managers don’t like the system they are working with, they will most likely jump ship and join a league with a better user site.

User sites are where you access your league, and the data the sites provide gives you a better understanding of who you want to play. Some sites import outside data and reporting, while other sites have staff that create original content.

My personal choice is Yahoo as my user site. I was first introduced to fantasy football through friends who used this site, so I am very biased. Though it’s the number one ranked site, you may prefer another. It’s best to do your own research, but if you’re good with just taking my word, you won’t be disappointed.

Yahoo is the number one rated site for many reasons. They pioneered the way for real time score updates, and continue to perfect the stat gathering process. On your desktop, or on their mobile app, you can watch as your team triumphs over your opponents. The site also creates their own content, meaning you’ll get up-to-the-minute status info on players without having to search another site. The user interface is probably the biggest sell; their drag and drop lineup changes make it simple to understand for even the newest players.

Fox, CBS and NFL’s user sites are fairly generic with little to differentiate between them. They offer access to your team and a simple interface, but not much extra. Other than CBS, which provides original reporting, these sites import their content. The NFL app is a little difficult to navigate all the areas of your league, and can be frustrating at times.

ESPN is more of an alternative to Yahoo as a user site. They offer the original reporting, but anything in-depth comes with a surcharge of $2 per month. It also subscribes you to their magazine and a bunch of other perks for dedicated sports fans. If it wasn’t for the paywall, I would find ESPN equal to Yahoo.

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