Fantasy football 101: draft strategy and Waiver Technique Pt. 1

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Knowing how to draft your fantasy team can set you up for victory, but what’s more important is week to week acquisitions from the waiver wire. Giving yourself a good base of players going into week one is important, but you can win with a bad draft so don’t stress too much. There are 3 key positions to keep in mind while you draft: quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.


Depending on your league’s configuration and scoring settings, QB can be the most important position on your roster. Generally when you play two QB leagues, or standard scoring is when the position is worth the most. Only top echelon elite quarterbacks should be considered in the first three rounds of the draft. Managers like to jump the gun sometimes and draft a QB first overall – this is generally a bad move even when getting Peyton Manning at the height of his comeback.

This year I would only consider drafting Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, or Aaron Rodgers early. Patriots QB Tom Brady would be good to consider early but is falling in the draft to later rounds due to getting caught cheating, again.

If you are unable to get any of the aforementioned qquarterbacks, you might want to consider an alternative strategy to planting your flag with one player. You can wait till the end of the draft and choose a low end QB who has a good matchup week one, then pick up a quarterback each week based off their matchup. Even Jay Cutler can look like a competent player against the Tampa Bay defense.
After the first week of football, the combination of watching the games each week and doing your research (reading fantasy reports, listening to podcasts on fantasy football) will give you an idea of who to pick up off waivers. If you pick the best matchup each week, you should be able to secure as many if not more points at that position than having the best quarterback in the league.

Check back Sunday for part 2 of this article.


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