Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football Is Here

The Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football Leagues

The much anticipated DLP Fantasy Football leagues are active and we are ready to begin filling team positions. There are two levels of leagues available, a “New-To FFL” or Newbie League for those who want to play and never have, as well as a normal Intermediate League.

Players will get the chance to compete with DLP staff writers as well as Chris and Case from the podcast. Consider joining this friendly fantasy football competition as it will also serve as a fundraiser for the Detroit Lions Podcast for vital upgrades to provide a better product for our listeners.

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League Breakdown

The Newbie League will be one 10 team league with simple rules. This league is meant to help players understand fantasy football, so that they can compete in the intermediate league in the future.

The Intermediate League is divided into two 10-12 team leagues. Both 10-12 team leagues will be separated into four divisions (players will be assigned). Division winners will make the playoffs, along with 2 wildcard slots.  The champion from either league who outscores the champion of the other during week 16 finals will be the Super Bowl winner.  Division winners will also get the chance to compete in next year’s Champion’s League.

Scoring for the Intermediate League will be one point per reception and Individual Defensive Players (IDP). Return yards will be counted at 10 yards to a point, and tackles will be a point as well. The Newbie League will be standard scoring with team defense.

Pay the Price, Achieve Glory

Intermediate League donation is $30 a player, and Newbie League donation is $15 a player. There will be cash prizes for winners of the leagues. Please note that players who do not pay their donation will be replaced before the draft.

In the Intermediate League, prizes will be $150 for the Super Bowl winner, $100 for the second place champion, and third place will receive $50 (based on scoring). The Newbie league winner will receive $50.

The live draft will be during the final week of the preseason, on Saturday, August 27th at 4:30 p.m. EST and will be hosted by Yahoo Sports.

If you are interested in playing please send your email and preferred playing level to @Natecheat on twitter or the email address [email protected]. It will be first come first served. Those that get in will be notified via email to accept their position, and then will be sent instructions for the donation.

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