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Detroit Lions Podcast Pick-Em Big Money League

I’m not sure if you guys know this. Case and a bunch of the present and former r/nfl mods do a pick-em fantasy football league that Case wins every year. If you’d like a shot at beating Case at his own game, after all, he’s not really a hardcore fantasy player, you’ll get your shot again this year. Get ready for the Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Pick-em Pool.

This pool is a big-money pool. You and every other player who chooses to enter this pool will be battling for a single cash prize (50% of the total entry fees) going to the winner. Second, third, and fourth place will get free t-shirts from the Detroit Lions Podcast Merch Store.

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Chris is the founder of everything you see here. A former radio presenter and Detroit native, he now resides in sunny California – and like so many of us, he found himself marooned on an island devoid of other Lions fans. After spending a few years in the Detroit Lions Reddit community he decided to start the Detroit Lions Podcast. Its become the #1 Detroit Lions podcast, and regularly ranks with the top podcasts in Detroit. With a mixture of pre-recorded shows, live & recorded phone-ins, and live post-game broadcasts - this is his slice of Honolulu Blue heaven.