Teez Tabor’s Training Camp Struggles And Growing Pains

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Teez Tabor‘s Training Camp Has Not Been Exceptionally Good. This Is No Reason To Be Down On Him. 

Teez Tabor’s training camp was a little rough. He has struggled in individual drills as well as the mock game. This isn’t a time for panic. He’s a rookie. This is to be expected. Darius Slay had some abysmal corner back play in his rookie season. He turned out alright. The takeaway that we should have from Teez Tabor’s training camp is that he has a lot to learn. There are going to be growing pains, there are going to be struggles. There is no need to worry.

Tabor spent a lot of time over the course of Detroit Lions’ training camp in press man coverage. This is not his strong suit. He will likely improve in this area, but it will probably never be his strong suit. He excels with the field in front of him, diagnosing plays and making breaks on the ball. This is where Teez will probably make his living. Teez will begin to show up better when he begins to play in more favorable situations.

Teez Tabor’s training camp demonstrates that fans should have some patience with the second round pick. He is likely going to be playing in a limited role going into the season, and he may not end the year as the starter. That is alright. Nevin Lawson has performed admirably in his role as the Detroit Lions’ second corner and looks to continue to play well going into this season.

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The Detroit Lions appear to be giving Teez Tabor every opportunity to learn and develop without forcing him into a role this year. This is good news for Lions’ fans.

It is good news that the Detroit Lions have enough depth at the position that they don’t have to force a player into a role that he is not ready for. It is also good news that Tabor is going to have the opportunity to learn in a lower pressure situation. He is going to get time to study the film, learn the NFL game, and learn the difference in speed and physicality as he makes the transition from the college game to the NFL.

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