Kenny Golladay’s Training Camp Hype And Expectations

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Kenny Golladay‘s Training Camp Has Been Terrific. Where Should Fans Set Their Expectations?

Every year there are a handful of players that get a lot of attention before preseason. This year Kenny Golladay’s training camp hype is leading the way. He looks big, strong and athletic. His hands have been sure and his route running seems to be coming along. There is no question about it, Kenny Golladay has looked good so far.

There were a lot of drops to go around in the individual drills. Kenny Golladay was not one of the offenders. He consistently showed good hands and used his strength in his routes and at the catch point much better than he advertised in college. There needs to be some caution when setting our expectations here though.

The individual drills were mostly non contact. When the season starts, these defenders are going to be playing a lot more physical. For now, Kenny Golladay’s training camp exhibits some of the traits that the Lions front office were hoping to see developed as he progresses in his first couple of seasons.

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Concerns about his play strength and route running were everywhere among the NFL Draft Twitter community. He hasn’t put those concerns to rest, but he has shown that those are areas that he is at least willing to work at. Showing anything in these areas at this early point in the year is a step in the right direction.

He has looked good using his body to position himself and shield off defenders. He has looked good in contested catch situations. Overall, there isn’t a whole lot to be unhappy about with Kenny Golladay’s training camp performance. This is still training camp. The expectations are getting high. He is still going to need time to acclimate, but Kenny Golladay has the looks of a guy that could be a legitimate threat in the Detroit Lions’ offense for years to come.

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