2018 NFL Draft: Mid And Late Round Running Back Prospects

Mark Walton

Mark Walton is an undersized running back prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft that excels with his receiving ability and elusiveness, but will probably never have the build or athletic profile to carry a running back committee at the NFL level.

He is quick and elusive with good lateral agility and has the ability to make defenders miss in space. Walton sets up defenders well and uses his lateral agility and explosiveness well in one on one situations.

Mark Walton has vision that I would categorize as above average, but inconsistent. He has much better vision when he gets to the corner or when asked to pick a lane on outside runs. He doesn’t always do a good job of picking his way through congested areas between the tackles, and his lack of power and balance make him very ineffective at times in this area of the defense.


Mark Walton has inconsistent leg drive and balance. He needs to improve his pad level to generate more power and more consistently stay on his feet. Too often, you will see Walton lunging or letting his legs go dead on contact, rather than continuing his leg drive and finishing runs.

Walton excels in the receiving game. He does his best work in space, and the passing game gets Mark Walton into space. He catches the ball well away from his frame and has more experience in route running than the majority of the 2018 class of running backs. His quick-twitch lateral agility helps him create separation out of the backfield.

Mark Walton is probably best suited as a change-of-pace running back that can play on passing downs and catch the ball out of the backfield. His size, lack of vision between the tackles, and balance and leg drive issues will probably keep him from being a successful between-the-tackles running back on a regular basis at the NFL level.


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