Detroit Lions 2018 Record Prediction For the Upcoming Season

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I Share My Predictions For The Detroit Lions 2018 Record And The Weekly Game Outcomes.

The Detroit Lions’ 2018 schedule does not allow much room for error. It’s not going to be an easy path the the playoffs, and the NFC North remains one of the toughest divisions in football.

The key to making the playoffs with the Detroit Lions’ 2018 schedule will be winning the games that they are supposed to win. Last year, the Lions faded toward the end of the year and lost some games against teams that they should have beaten. They can’t afford to do that again this year.

The Lions’ 2018 schedule is an unforgiving one.

Just looking at the schedule in general, there aren’t many games that I have the Lions losing that feel like true “toss-up” games. Most of those games are ones that I feel the other team has Detroit over-matched. The Lions need to steal a game or two from those teams over the course of the season but, more importantly, they need need to not dig themselves hole by losing games that I think they should win.

The Lions’ 2018 schedule is loaded with tough opponents. Losing the easier games is a surefire way to keep the Lions out of the playoffs in this upcoming season.

Week 1

Vs. New York Jets

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The Detroit Lions’ 2018 schedule has the team starting off with one of their presumed easiest games of the year. The Lions kick it off at home against a New York Jets team that has theoretically one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Regardles of whether it is Josh McCown, Sam Darnold, or Teddy Bridgewater, the Lions should be able to defeat the Jets easily in Detroit.

New York’s offense is lacking a lot of talent in key areas, and Matt Patricia has experience scheming against them.

This should be an easy week one win for Detroit.

Detroit Lions 2018 Record : 1-0

Week 2

At San Francisco 49ers

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This will be a very interesting week two game for Detroit. I don’t think anyone really knows exactly what to expect from the San Francisco 49ers in this upcoming season. Jimmy Garoppolo played well last year, but it was a very small sample size, and we’ve seen plenty of quarterbacks flash and fade before. Playing Garoppolo early in the year is ideal for Detroit. It gives him less time to get into a rhythm. The Lions will presumably play the 49ers when Garoppolo is still trying to find is groove given his limited experience in the offense.

Jerrick McKinnon is a player that I don’t expect to give Detroit much trouble, despite the hype he’s received with his move to a Kyle Shanahan offense. The offense is still lacking true weapons, and probably will be one of the easier tests that Matt Patricia will face in his first season as the Detroit Lions’ head coach.

The 49ers defense is on the rise, but the Lions offense is improved and Matthew Stafford should be able to put up points against the young defense. The key to this game is probably the Lions’ offensive line against the 49ers defensive front.

Detroit Lions 2018 Record : 2-0

Week 3

Vs. New England Patriots

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This will be a game that the media will be excited for. They will be pumping up the drama of Bill Belichick coming to Detroit to face his student, Matt Patricia. Most of the time, I don’t buy the media hype, but this game is certainly going to be an interesting one for Lions fans. Nobody knows Patricia better than Belichick. Nobody knows Belichick better than Patricia. From a strategy perspective, this will be one of the most fascinating games for Lions’ fans to watch all year.

Regardless of roster, I think that it is probably too much to ask Patricia to unseat Belichick in his third game as an NFL head coach. I think that Tom Brady attacks our lackluster coverage from the linebacker position and Belichick uses his diverse group of running backs to attack the defense in a variety of ways.

The Lions’ offense should be able to move the ball against the Patriot’s defense, but I think that this game comes down to red zone efficiency. Both teams will have their chances, but the Patriots are pretty consistently better than Detroit at making good on their opportunities.

This game gives the Lions their first loss of 2018.

Detroit Lions 2018 Record : 2-1

Week 4

At Dallas Cowboys

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This is one of only a couple games that I have as a toss-up game. I think that the Detroit Lions have a better overall roster than the Dallas Cowboys. I think that the Lions have more talent at the most important positions than the Cowboys. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Lions match up particularly well against the Cowboys this season, and the game is taking place in Dallas.

Dak Prescott and the passing game don’t aren’t much of a concern for the Detroit defense. Zeke Elliot, on the other hand, will probably cause the Detroit defense fits. The Lions have not been particularly effective at stopping top running backs, and Zeke is exactly that. The Dallas offensive line should probably dominate the Lion’s defense front consistently.

On the other side of the ball, Stafford and the Lions should be able to put up points. The question is whether they will be able to operate with enough efficiency to counter Dallas’ time consuming rushing attack. If the Lions’ running game is as improved as advertised, the answer could be yes. I don’t want to assume too much about the running game until we see it in action.

In the end, this comes down to home field advantage for me. It is never easy to win on the road.

This is a game that I have the Lions losing, but could definitely be one that they steal away. It is one of the most crucial games on the 2018 schedule, as it is one that could go either way. A win here would go a long ways toward securing a playoff spot.

Detroit Lions 2018 Record : 2-2

Week 5

Vs. Green Bay Packers

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Rodgers is back. Rodgers is presumably healthy. That is bad news for all of the NFC North.

That said, the Packers roster, as we saw last year, is not great outside of Aaron Rodgers. It has improved this offseason, and the Packers have made some moves to help build around their star quarterback, but the Lions still have a more well rounded roster than the Green Bay Packers.

In Detroit, I think that the Lions win this game. Rodgers has had some slow starts to the season in the past, and this game happens early enough that the Packers offense may not be humming yet.

Stafford will attack the Packer’s young secondary frequently and successfully. This will probably be a high scoring outing.

You can never count out Rodgers, and you can never count out Stafford, so this game could obviously go either way, but I think that, as a divisional game at Ford Field, Detroit walks out with the win here.

Detroit Lions 2018 Record : 3-2

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