Snacks Harrison Has A Solid Debut For The Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions Run Defense Struggled, But Snacks Harrison Is Exactly What Fans Hoped He Would Be. 

I don’t think that many people were expecting the Seattle Seahawks to walk into Detroit and put up 176 rushing yards.

I don’t think that people expected them to do that, even before the trade for premier run-stuffer Damon “Snacks” Harrison, but that is exactly what happened on Sunday afternoon.

The Seahawks out rushed to Detroit Lions 176 to 34. That is a pretty surefire way to lose just about every game. Combined with Russell Wilson’s passing efficiency, the Detroit Lions defense had one of their more embarrassing performances of the 2018 season, and this hasn’t exactly been a flawless year for the unit.

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With all of the struggles the Lions had stopping the run on Sunday, you would think that their new prized run-stuffing interior defender showed some serious growing pains in his first week in Honolulu Blue. That wasn’t the case. Harrison was one of the only things that looked good against the run in the 28-14 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.

Despite an overall disappointing performance from the defense as a whole, Harrison showed Lions fans why they should be excited about his arrival.

Harrison was able to lead the team in tackles with seven while playing only a little more than half of the defensive snaps. He was plugging up the middle, making plays, and forcing the runner to find other holes to run through.

Unfortunately for the Lions defense, those holes were everywhere, and Harrison, unfortunately, can’t fill all of them.

One of the biggest positives to take away from this loss is that the Lions interior defense IS significantly improved with Harrison, and his presence in the game WILL make a much more tangible difference when the rest of the defense is playing at a higher level. This game was a poor performance almost across the board on the defensive side of the ball, but this defense has played much better in the past. If they can get back to that level of play, the addition of Harrison is going to really shore up the interior of the Lions defense.

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