Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell Inks Multi-Year Extension

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Jim Caldwell Signs Contract Extension With Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions have offered head coach Jim Caldwell the opportunity to stay in Detroit for the next couple of years. Caldwell agreed to the contract when offered months ago, per Adam Schefter.

The Lions are 29-21 since Caldwell took over more than three years ago. Detroit has been more successful getting to the playoffs under the head coach, making it to the post-season two of the past three years.

This contract extension is following a season that Caldwell started on the hot seat. The Lions lost several games early because of a lack of preparedness, half-time adjustments, and poor time management. However, Caldwell and his coaching staff have done a good job correcting these issues in so far in 2017.

The Lions have started off this season 2-0 largely because of the consistency of play from the defense and winning the coaching battle with better half-time adjustments and clock management. Although penalties and sloppy play did rear their ugly heads in games one and two, these moments did not send the Lions spiraling downhill like the season before. Instead, the Lions have typically bounced back from these deficits and kept drives alive in spite of these hiccups.

The credit for this transition in attitude from year to year should go to Caldwell and his coaching staff. This transition in attitude has helped the team transition in productivity, as well. The coaching staff has brought a level of stability to this team that has allowed it to correct some of the mental errors that have been issues in years past.


Lions Future With Caldwell

There have been many who have struggled with the idea of Caldwell being the long-term solution at head coach in Detroit. But he has continued to grow as a coach and the team has improved each season since he has been here. The Lions have gone from a fringe playoff, to an expected playoff team, since coming under Caldwell’s tutelage. Expectations should only increase with each successful season.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford has also dramatically improved his ability to take care of the football since the arrival of Caldwell and the promotion of quarterback coach Jim Bob Cooter, to offensive coordinator. The extension of the Lions head coach speaks to how much the front office values Caldwell and his ability to lead this team, the stability he provides, and the contribution he and his staff have made to the development of the Lions franchise quarterback.

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