Lions Guard Graham Glasgow Shows Strength On Tape Against Tampa Bay

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Graham Glasgow‘s Performance Against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers In Week 14.

Graham Glasgow’s Strength In The Running Game

One of the most frustrating areas of the Detroit Lions 2017 season has been their running game. Some have pointed to the offensive line blocking poorly as the main cause of these struggles. Going through the Lions tape against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 14, Graham Glasgow really stood out in the running game.

Some the running woes have been due to Glasgow missing an assignment or getting lost in space on stretch runs. Which can be corrected with experience and good coaching. However, when you see Glasgow flash on film it usually do to his combination of raw strength and aggressiveness.

This first video is the Lions first points of the game, scoring on a two-yard rushing touchdown with Theo Riddick. They run an inside zone to Glasgow’s inside. He first step is very quick and low, allowing him to get solid push off the line of scrimmage. As he makes contact with the defender he lowers his hips to anchor as he turns him away from the play, creating enough room for the running back to pound it in.

This is especially encouraging to see with how poor the Lions have been at running close to the goal line. Converting in these situations will be paramount for getting to the playoffs this seasons and improving upon their 2017 season next year.

On Theo Riddick’s second touchdown run of the game, we see a very nice hole created by some really nice blocking by Glasgow, tackle Taylor Decker, rookie tight end Michael Roberts, and receiver Marvin Jones. Decker does a great job collapsing his guy down, while Roberts seals the edge.

But again on this play you see Glasgow explode out of his stance with a quick first step and uses his strength to anchor the middle of the defense so well, his defender is stopped in his tracks after his first step. Marvin Jones also deserves mention for delivering the hit he did on this key block to set up Riddick for that touchdown.

Glasgow’s Pass Protection In Tampa Bay

Similarly to his run blocking slights, when he struggled in pass protection in this game it was due to mental error like being slow to recognize stunting lineman. However, one of the things you love about Glasgow in pass protection is that he is always looking for work. He plays mean and aggressive in both phases of the game, which is a trait that some of the best lineman in the NFL possess.

This play to help set up Riddick’s first rushing touchdown of the game is a good example of him looking for work, and helping out two of his teammates while he is at it. Firing out of his stance he immiately begins helping center Travis Swanson double team all-pro defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. As he feels the defender slowing, he gives him solid push back before leaving to help Taylor Decker remove the edge rusher from the play as well.

What is great about this play is it shows Glasgow’s strength, willingness to find work and staying aggressive throughout the play. It helps out both of his fellow lineman keep their defenders off Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford for long enough to find Fells. This two play sequence was essential for the Lions to win such a close game in Tampa Bay, and Glasgow’s performance on both was essential to their success.

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