Ep: 134 – Lions Look To The Bears Again – The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case are joined again by Jeff “The Riz” Risdon for the entirety for the show, while Chris gets to brag about the experience at “Ford Field – South“.

Well, we knew it would happen, Chris went to the Lions/Bucs game and gets all braggy about the amazing experience he had. Lots of interaction with the players, and even an exchange with Bob Quinn and Martha Ford. He also highlights the moment he kicked up a “Let’s go Lions” chat that made it on the broadcast. He was basically insufferable whenever we talked about the game. Luckily, Case and The Riz were able to carry the day with decent insights and analysis on the Lions win over the Buccaneers.

Once we get past Chris’s gloating, we start talking turkey and bring the speculation about coach Jim Caldwell’s contract.  We all land in different places with Chris being the only one that thinks Caldwell is already gone.  We talk about Matthew Stafford‘s sack numbers too. No, not talking twins, it’s about how he had his first game without being sacked in 2 years. Case and The Riz ruin the momentary happiness by talking about just how bad the Bucs front 7 are. There’s also some dissenting opinions on Eric Ebron’s performance

The boys also remind listeners that Dan Orlovsky is joining the show next week and will be taking part in an “Audio AMA” – they give you a heads up on where/when you can submit your questions for Dan. Also, Dan is going to pick the big winner of a Lions hat in the #StaffordSoTough contest. Make sure to get your entries into the Tweeter machine now!

Lastly, Case takes us on his “Around The Division” segment of worldwide fame and discusses the current state of the NFC North – including the return of Aaron Rodgers.

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