Tony Adams Offers Athletic Ability At Guard On Day Three Of The 2018 NFL Draft

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A Look At 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Tony Adams As A Potential Selection By The Detroit Lions

Tony Adams is one of the more fluid offensive linemen on tape in this year’s class. While there is strength in his smaller frame (6’2″, 322 lbs), he is a player who relies much more on his quickness and ability to track and move in space.

What Does Tony Adams Have To Offer?

Adams technique, footwork, and balance are all above average to this point. It has really helped him excel in N.C. State’s zone blocking scheme. The Lions have run similar concepts to what Adams ran in college so there could be some crossover there. However, that could be up in the air a bit with the recent departure of offensive line coach Ron Prince earlier this off-season.

The N.C. State guard showed great ability on the ground game as a result of this combined ability. He has shown enough strength to hold his ground. But his lack of length does hurt a bit as bull rushers who can get underneath his pads can get the better of him in pass protection. The good news for Adams is that with his technique, this was a rare occurrence in college.

Whether or not that will translate to the NFL remains to be seen. Similarly to Lions defensive back Teez Tabor and his deep speed, Adams’ length is either going to be an issue in the NFL or it’s not. It is not something that can be coached but is also one of those variables that are important enough it can cripple you if too deficient in said area.

Should The Lions Select Adams On Day Three?

While he is weaker in terms of pass protection to this point in his career, he does get points for always looking for work and keeping his head on a swivel. He has solid recognition of what the defense is trying to do to him. He definitely has the lateral agility to pick them up consistently. His main issue comes when he is not able to recognize it quickly enough to sink his hips before contact is made. If stronger interior defenders can convert speed to power on a stunt or blitz, Adams has gotten beat a fair amount.

That said, his length should be a genuine concern. Fundamentally, he should be more in the third round conversation. Adams liability related to his length could be a big deal and keep him falling down boards into day three. If he was able to fall into the late 4th or early 5th range and Detroit wanted to take a shot on him, I could see the merit in the selection. At the very least, he could be a reserve player that won’t likely lose you games if asked to step in in a pinch.

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