Inconsistent Tape Will Keep Uchenna Nwosu Off Draft Boards Until Day Three

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A Look At 2018 Draft Prospect Uchenna Nwosu As A Potential Selection By The Detroit Lions

Uchenna Nwosu Is A Streaky Prospect

Uchenna Nwosu is a prospect I go back and forth on. There is plenty to love about his game. His spin move is really quick and serves as a great counter move for him. He has the burst and very quick first step you covet in pass rushing EDGE players. He moves really well in space and typically does a good job weaving through traffic. He is very physical in every aspect of his game. His hand usage is inconsistent but very violent. The USC product showed solid play recognition as well. Showed ability to bend around the edge too. Hip flexibility allows Nwosu to convert speed to power.

The problem for Nwosu comes from the fact that this play does not come with consistency. While he has the abililty to dominate games for stretches, he can disappear when facing offensive lineman with length or power. Some of his worst tape comes against Ohio State University where Jamarco Jones overwhelmed Nwosu with his size and power. At 6’3″, 250 lbs, he posseses solid length and speed. But his lack of functional strength  with a high pad level may give teams some pause selecting him in round two.

Nwosu’s Value In the 2018 Draft Class

The 2018 draft class is not very deep at the EDGE position, so this helps his cause a bit. However, the other prospects in rounds one and two typically have one athletic trait that is in the upper tier. This is not the case with Nwosu. He has above average athletic ability in several categories but does not shine in a single one. However, none of them have a game as inconsistent as his.

If a team were to take Nwosu, they would get a player who sets himself up well with top end burst, first step, and ability to change direction. However, they would also have to really work on his fundamentals to get his production more consistent in the pros. Working on his pad level, making sure he wraps up when he tackles, and taking better angles could go a long way in bringing his level of play to the next level.

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