Bradley Bozeman Has Length To Offer At Center Late In The 2018 NFL Draft

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A Look At 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Bradley Bozeman As A Potential Selection By The Detroit Lions

If a draft prospect possesses upper end length or size on the offensive or defensive lines, they typically will garner more attention than those that are undersized but more technically sound than them. Bradley Bozeman, center from Alabama, is a less athletic player who is getting attention due to his size at 6’5″, 315 lbs.

What Does Bradley Bozeman Do Well At This Point?

Bozeman’s best tape typically comes from the running game, where his size can be put to better use. He is very tough and aggressive on the field. First punch is often violent and can set defenders off-balance if they come out of their stance high. His ability to drive block is solid when he is able to hit the guy right in front of him.

Does a good job getting his hips underneath his shoulders to turn defenders away from the play. This is promising to see as top-heavy players have a habit of getting out in front of themselves, getting easily knocked off balance. Hand strength is upper end which allows Bozeman to snatch defenders once they are in his grasp. Sustained blocks have come easier to the former Alabama center than most as a result.

Should The Detroit Lions Target Bozeman?

While there are many offensive lineman I think could fill the Detroit Lions’ interior needs, I have a hard time seeing Bozeman as a good fit. His footwork is really sloppy and slow. Lateral quickness is easily in the below average category. He lunges far too often when attacking downhill. Likely a result of being out of position consistently when asked to pull or lead block.

His traits suggest his proficiency is more in a power blocking scheme than the more zone blocking-heavy scheme the Lions have run since Jim Bob Cooter took over as offensive coordinator. He definitely has the size, but also lacks the length, athleticism, and versatility typically looked for by this front office staff. Combine that with the fact his biggest flaws cause pass protection struggles and it becomes clear that Bozeman is unlikely to don Honolulu blue following the 2018 NFL draft.

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