The Detroit Lions Sign Linebacker Trevor Bates

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A Look At The Lions Signing Of Linebacker Trevor Bates.

On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions signed another player in free agency that used to be a New England Patriot. The signee in question is linebacker Trevor Bates, who played college at Maine University. Coming into the NFL, Bates was known as a late round prospect that was likely to be a pass rushing project at outside linebacker.

He was drafted late in the 2016 NFL Draft when he was selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the 18th pick in the 7th round. However, he never made the roster when he was drafted. Following cuts, the Colts added Bates to their practice squad. He was brought up to play a single game in 2016, but was swifty cut the next week.

Bates then signed with the New England Patriots, and was on the Super Bowl Winning LI winning team that defeated came from behind to defeat the Atlanta Falcons. After bouncing around their practice squad for a couple months, he went to do the same with the New York Giants late this past fall. Bates remained unemployed until the Lions signed him this week.

What’s Trevor Bates Future With Detroit?

Like much of his roles in the past, Bates will likely be competing for a spot on the practice squad in Detroit. The Lions have a solid amount of depth above him for him to have a shot at the roster at this point. He would need several injuries to occur ahead of him to have a chance. That said, the Lions do not have much competition in terms of linebackers competing for a practice squad spot.

While they have added a great deal of competition to the defensive back group and offensive line, the linebacker additions have not come in the same quantity. As a project pass rushing linebacker, he has even less in front of him. The Lions will likely have Devon Kennard as their pass rushing linebacker. However, there is little depth behind him on the team. Having Bates on the practice squad would add a slight insurance in case severe injuries strike that role in the defense. While his immediate impact will be negligible, Bate’s athletic ability and burst could be refined into a decent pass rushing specialist someday.

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