Morning Intel: May 10, 2016

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Your daily dose of morning intel, not available in pill form. In the desert wasteland that is the period between the draft and training camp, there are few nuggets of knowledge waiting to be picked up and rammed in to your eyes. Well I shall do my best to entertain that part of you that can not go a single day without reading something about the Lions.

Calvin Johnson is not coming back, and the fascination of the national media with that possibility keeps rearing it’s ugly head. Mike Florio of pro football talk live asked Bob Quinn about the possibility, and then made a big deal about Quinn not saying something the Lions would welcome Johnson back with open arms. There really is no story, it’s over, just let us grieve. ┬áJust to be clear, the Lions do have the cap space to deal with Johnson returning, but it is never going to happen. That would be a great day to be reporting Lions news though wouldn’t it?

Stephen Tulloch is still a lion, all these days later, and the Detroit Media are all uniting against the team in a chorus of cries to the heavens to let Stephen Tulloch go. It’s a business, there is a reason, and I hope at some point we find out what that reason was. You want to help Stephen Tulloch out guys? Go buy his book for your kids, using the link at the top of the main page to get to Amazon, and then searching for “The Little Linebacker, a story of determination.” Tulloch’s twitter feed reads like a goodbye letter, but is it to Detroit, or football in general? My theory that is completely unsubstantiated is still that there is an injury and the team is hoping Tulloch heals up enough to pass another team’s physical and avoid an injury settlement. If I am right, and Tulloch is injured, there is absolutely no reason to cut him. The NFL is a business, and the Lions paid him $500k a few weeks ago, they don’t owe him anything.

De’Andre levy looks good according to Tahir Whitehead, by way of Dave Birkett of the Detroit free press.

Much like the rest of us, Bob Quinn didn’t think that the Lions would be getting A’Shawn Robinson in the second round. In that same interview with Florio, Quinn said that the lions thought he would go somewhere in the 17 to 34 range.

And that’s the day in morning intel, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, @A5hcrack and on /r/detroitlions. Now here is the moment which cemented me as a Stafford fan for life:

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