Morning Intel: May 12, 2016

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No preamble, we’re headed straight to the Morning Intel.

Ron Wood said, “I would probably say that I’m not qualified to run any other NFL team, but I think I’m qualified to run this one,” and the internet lost it’s collective mind. They screamed “Same Old Lions” at the ceiling of their parents’ basement, and congratulated themselves on their keen wit and charm. Then they opened another bag of corn chips and continued masturbating. What he meant was, that he had an office at ford field prior to taking on this job, and having spent significant time at Allen Park, was familiar with the financial side of the Detroit Lions and the people who worked for the team. This is a really interesting article about the efforts Mr. Wood has gone to in his quest to be very good at his job. You should read it if you can pull yourself away from the rest of the Morning Intel coming your way (or at least away from that bag of corn chips).

A’Shawn Robinson impresses me more every time he talks.

Haloti Ngata agrees with me.

The Lions running game was horrendous last season, primarily because Ameer Abdullah landed himself in the dog house by putting the ball on the ground. He was by far the Lions best running back last year, which is what you would expect from a highly touted second round pick coming in to a position group primarily composed of undrafted players. Abdullah has taken it as his personal responsibility to see that the Lions ground game improves.

The Lions drafted three offensive linemen, and signed a fourth as an undrafted free agent that very well may also make the team in 2016. The last time they drafted three offensive linemen was in 1989. What followed was a decade as one of the top offensive teams in the league, and a few years later a trip to the NFC Championship game. A decade with seven of ten years resulting in 8 or more wins, and six playoff births. Let’s all just assume that a period of uninterrupted prosperity is upon us.

Drew Sharp is a negative Nancy. I believe the quote from the Big Lebowski was, “You’re not wrong Walter, you’re just an asshole.” You’ve seen the meme, now go actually watch the movie. Classic.

In the dude we trust. @a5hcrack on twitter, and on /r/detroitlions. That’s it for today’s Morning Intel, now get back to your corn chips.

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