Sometime on a Monday Intel – 20th June 2016

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Another week, another link filled Sunday Morning Intel to have brunch with, introduce to your parents for the first time, after a Saturday night of doing things to it best left unspoken in polite company.

Isaiah Johnson is a 6’1″ 202 lb safety who signed with the Lions last season as an undrafted free agent, and didn’t make the 53 man roster. He is a pretty good athlete, having posted a 4.59s 40-yard dash at his pro day, with a broad jump over 10′, 34″ vertical, and tape that showed an impact hitter. That he is getting first team reps at free safety when Glover Quinn is not available can’t be anything but good for the Lions.

The Lions have beefed up the WR core, which is a very good thing. To be frank after the first two players on the depth chart I didn’t exactly love what the Lions had on paper. With Jeremy Kerley missing time, apparently neither did Bob Quinn. The Andres, Caldwell and Roberts, are by no means a duo that pushes the Lions WR core to elite status but it shows they’re looking. I am still hoping for an Anquon Boldin signing in the near future as I have been since before free agency opened, both in Morning Intel and elsewhere, but the Lions are not talking about their visit with the future hall of famer.

Glover Quinn loves footballs and went in to some detail on the subject earlier this week. 14 picks in two years…….. I guess whatever he is doing it’s working. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Darius Slay wants to get paid like a top seven corner. Sounds reasonable, this should probably just get done.

A few interesting tidbits about various players and position groups can be found in this article by Carlos Monarrez, and this article by Kyle Meinke.

Brandon Copeland is going back to his college position of Defensive end for the Lions full time. I seem to remember a certain writer for this site speculating in his surprise breakout players article that this might happen. This is a good move for the player and team, as Copeland never looked anything but confused and out of place when he got on the field in real NFL games. Even in the preseason action he received he was getting by on athleticism whenever he did look decent.

Michael Rothstein did a great piece on TJ Jones and what this Father’s day will mean to him. You should read it, and then call your dad.

There’s your Morning Intel for the week. This was the last time the entire team will be together until training camp, meaning that real news on the team is about to get a little harder to come by. I’ll collect it, put some spin on it and link it to you, whatever form it may take.

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