Martellus Bennett: Perfect For The Lions Needs, But At A High Cost

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Could The Lions Work A Deal To Get Martellus Bennet?

Martellus Bennet is a great tight end. He went to the patriots to win a Superbowl, and unlike most players who choose teams based on a chance to get a ring; he actually got one. Bennet’s career has spanned accusations that he had questioned the sexuality of Tony Romo (he didn’t), and whether he held Matthew Stafford responsible for JFK’s assassination (he doesn’t).

Since leaving Jason Whitten’s shadow in Dallas, he has never fallen below 53 receptions in a season. He has missed only four games in the last five seasons, despite multiple serious injuries over that span. This season he played in all 19 games for the Patriots, recording 55 catches for 701 yards and seven touchdowns.

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What Does Martellus Bennett Bring To The Table?

Martellus Bennett is a pro bowl caliber tight end in every aspect of the game. He is an ideal option; whether you want him to block, split out wide, or chip a defensive end on the way to a hole in zone coverage. Bennett can work in a secondary, or primary receiving role. He has been successful in four different offenses, and with good, or bad quarterback play. Martellus Bennett picks up new offenses rapidly, which speaks well of his intelligence.

His willingness to speak his mind has been the only downside to having Bennett on a roster, but he is not usually wrong when he speaks his mind. He has a tendency to point out the things that are going wrong, whether anyone else is ready to hear them or not.

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Why Might Martellus Bennett Be Available?

Players who win SuperBowls in the year they are going to hit free agency tend to get overpaid. Just ask Martellus Bennett, because he will tell you. He is a player that fits the Patroits needs, and has a year of success in their offense. Rob Gronkowski has what seems to be chronic back problems, giving Bennett even more leverage. The Patriots do not pay older free agents though, and have enough salary cap space to find younger options in free agency if they see fit. The only reason for the Patriots to let him go is price. That is usually all the Patriots need to move on.

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The Bottom Line For Martellus Bennett

He is the best tight end in free agency, and would easily replace Anquan Boldin’s production in Jim Bob Cooter’s offense. He is a dynamic player, even at 30 years old in March. Bob Quinn has a direct line to people who have spent a season with Bennett. If the Patriots are ready to move on, he will likely know exactly why. There is not a better match of skill set and team need this off-season, but Bennet’s price may be more than the Lions would be willing to pay. That is the only reason he is not my ideal choice for the Lions in free agency at the tight end position.

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