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In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case break down this week in Detroit Lions news. Game two was much improved over game one, but definitely not without its mistakes. The Lions went down early in the second half and some late game heroics got them within striking distance, but they couldn’t close the deal. In this episode, discuss the Lions players, coaches, and fans. Of course, in our newest segment, we let our listeners put the team on blast. Jeff Risdon – The Riz – also joins for further analysis.

We start the show with more listener calls, this time in response to the 49ers game. “Put ’em on Blast” is now Chris’s favorite segment. These calls give voice to Lions fans, and we will continue to allow our listeners to put *anyone* on blast every week. You call (929) 33-Lions, we’ll put it on the air. Go ahead and vent, it’s the only way to clear the air.

From there we go into game review mode. Looking back at the loss to the San Francisco 49ers wasn’t nearly as painful as reviewing the Jets game. There are a number of things that need work, but overall it was a much better outing. From there we discuss a number of individual player efforts and talk about where things are working and where they aren’t.

Detroit Lions Podcast Spark Plug Award Winner

We have to highlight LeGarrette Blount and his big show of heart this week. His big push on Elijah Lee after a perceived late hit on Matthew Stafford wound up in his ejection. Normally something like that would be perceived as undisciplined, but it provided a spark for the team who scored 14 points to none after that incident. After the game, Kelly Stafford came out supporting LeGarrette for standing up for Matthew.  Standing up for a quarterback like that is a heck of a way to rally a team, and LeGarrette might have just created a turning point for the Detroit Lions.

We talk salary cap (special thanks to Scott Warheit for his cap analysis) and what next year might look like for the Lions. A completely different situation than we are used to. Of course it comes with its own special set of problems. Those are good problems to have.

We also discuss the injury situation, preview the game against the Patriots, and Case takes us ‘Around The Division’ in Detroit Lions Podcast tradition.

Lastly, click on Case’s Lions sweater and check out this amazing line!

The Riz Returns

After all that, it’s time for Riz’s wisdom with Jeff Risdon. We discuss the improvements we’ve seen from week one to week two, Matthew Stafford and his problems, and what Josh Gordon means to the Patriots. We also try to figure out whether we are going to see Count Chocula or Count Dracula. That part alone is worth the listen.

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