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The Detroit Lions have been making some moves this past week. They have finally addressed the offensive line issue (while not fixing it completely), added a possible number three wide receiver and more depth in the cornerback position. Let’s take a look at who will be coming to Detroit in 2016.

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WR – Jeremy Kerley

On March 21, Detroit signed Jeremy Kerley to a one year deal on a $1 million contract. A former member of the Jets’ receiving corps, he was behind Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker on the depth chart. Kerley has talked about how he wasn’t really wanted in New York, saying, “New coaching staff came in, they already knew the guys they wanted to play. They already had their scheme going, and they wanted bigger receivers.” Detroit will welcome him with open arms. With Calvin Johnson retiring and Marvin Jones coming in, Detroit is looking for that number three wide receiver, and Kerley could fill that spot. Last year he had his worst year in the NFL, getting sixteen catches for 152 yards and two touchdowns. His best year came in 2012, where he caught 56 passes for 827 yards and two touchdowns. Being more of a RAC type of receiver and able to create space, Kerley should have a positive impact on Detroit’s offense.

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CB – Darrin Walls

Walls is also a former Jet who is coming to Detroit. Walls’ production has gone down since having a respectable year in 2014. In 2014 Walls had forty tackles, twelve pass deflections and two interceptions. 2015 was a different take, seeing him drop to nine tackles and three pass deflections. Now in his fifth year in the NFL, Walls can come in and be a good depth player in a position where the team could use some experience.

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OL – Geoff Schwartz

Detroit has finally addressed offensive line. Geoff Schwartz has been signed, and while he mostly plays guard, he can play right tackle, a position that Detroit needed to address. Schwartz was on the Minnesota Vikings team that help lead Adrian Peterson to his monstrous 2012 season where he was just nine yards short of the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season.  His last two years have been a step back for him though. In 2014 he would break his toe in the preseason, missing the first 11 weeks of the regular season. He would come back, but two games later he broke his ankle. 2015 wasn’t much better as Schwartz broke his leg in week 12 and wouldn’t return for the season. Schwartz can come in to Detroit and start in the right tackle position. While he is something of a risk for injury, he could end up paying off well for Detroit. The team might pass on a offensive tackle in the first round with this pick up.

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