Detroit Lions Color Rush Uniform Announcement Coming

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Detroit Lions Color Rush Jerseys Tease Thursday, Roll out Tuesday

From the NFL draft, to week two of the 2016 NFL season: that has been the timetable for the announcement of the color rush uniforms for the Detroit Lions.

President Rod Wood said back in late July that the plan was to unveil the uniforms during the NFL draft, but that it was “a little (frustrating). I want to do it in concert with what the NFL’s trying to roll out, so I’m following their rules. But when I can talk about it, I’ll talk about it.”

Luckily for fans, there has been a unconfirmed leak of what those uniforms could be. A user on Reddit by the name of /u/notnike has been posting jersey information speculation in both the Detroit Lions subreddit, and in the other 31 NFL team subreddits. There is no information on how this person knows the color rush jerseys, or if they even know anything at all.

When confronted by a user in the San Francisco 49ers subreddit calling his claims into question, ‘notnike’ said, “There’s been a lot of fluidity to this process, from failed TV tests to negative fan reaction, but this is final.”

So what is the color rush for the Detroit Lions this year? Well it began (as rumored) to be all black, then a red jersey with silver pants, but now ‘notnike’ says the primary color will be silver, the style will be retro and the logo will be unchanged.

With that news, it means the Lions would be in an “all silver” type look come Thanksgiving. Different than what fans were expecting and since many teams in the NFL will go “all black” it will be a different approach and give the Detroit Lions some originality.

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