Ask the Intern: New Signing and Possible Moves

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Questions This Week Focus on the Latest Signing and Roster Moves That Could Happen.

Detroit almost had another meltdown last week against the Eagles. They had a solid first half lead and looked like how they should play. Sadly, the second half was an issue. It almost cost Detroit the game had Darius Slay not forced the fumble and picked off Carson Wentz for the first time in his career. Detroit was down to two running backs this week, forcing the team to look for some help, and making the latest signing in running back Justin Forsett. Along with a question about Forsett, I will also look over some possible moves that Bob Quinn could deal with.

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Question 1: Should We Trade DeAndre Levy or Ask Him To Retire?

Neither. Nobody will want DeAndre Levy. Sure he is a stud at the linebacker position, but nobody knows what is going on with him. We don’t know what kind of injury he is dealing with, or how long he is out. I get the frustration behind the whole situation, it is something nobody has been able to grasp and understand.

Levy does know the risks of playing football and the whole CTE situation, which some have a theory that he is wanting to retire. Asking him to do so would show some disrespect to his face. We would be asking him to pretty much hang up his boots when he is still young and, besides these two freakish injuries with him in the past two seasons, he hasn’t had any other problems with the organization.

Detroit should just give him time and see what happens. I am a believer in second chances, for example Matt Stafford. His first two seasons he had injury issues and I told everyone that if he doesn’t heal that I wanted him gone. He healed up, played well and I am glad we still have him. I am now on that boat with Ameer Abdullah and if Levy doesn’t return this season, he will be on that boat too. So if this continues into 2017, then I would want him cut. Teams will see the issue and won’t want him, forcing him to retire is too much work. Cutting him is the only option at that point.

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Question 2: What Do You Think of the Justin Forsett Signing?

I like the move. Detroit needed help at the position with Abdullah and Washington out and Forsett is the perfect person we need. He is a vet who has some playing experience, joining the league in 2008 and currently has 3697 rushing yards with 18 rushing touchdowns, along with 201 catches for 1,302 yards and one touchdown.

While those stats shouldn’t blow you away, they are still respectable. Forsett can bring that veteran presence to a young backfield. Forsett is a one cut type of back, something Detroit doesn’t really have. Abdullah is the balanced type, Riddick strictly receiving, Zenner has power and Washington is a mix of power and speed. Forsett can bring some power if needed. Overall the team needs another body, especially if Washington is going to miss more time. This was a good move by Bob Quinn.

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Question 3: Whether by Trade or Cutting Him, Do We Get Rid of Laken Tomlinson?

Not yet. Cutting someone this early in their contract is rare and I don’t think it will happen to Tomlinson. While he has been a disappointment to many fans and the organization, we can’t cut ties just yet. Worst case we can try and trade him during his final year of his contract, or we don’t re-sign him once his rookie deal is up. I don’t think many teams would give up much for him as we speak, so unless you want a 7th round pick for him, he needs to stay on the team.

Graham Glasgow did get some playing time last week and that could be a sign for the future, even though Jim Caldwell said that Tomlinson is still the starter. From what I saw against the Eagles he didn’t look bad, though he certainly wasn’t a stud, but it wasn’t his worst game of his career. Another possible plan is Detroit uses him as a backup in 2017 and either Glasgow or Dahl step up and start at the left guard spot.

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