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This Week, We Talk About the Recent Trade, the Impact From the Win and Justin Forsett

Detroit is now on a three game winning streak with a win against the Redskins. Things tend to be up for the organization. Detroit is still dealing with injuries and they addressed one weakness on the defense in a trade with the New England Patriots.

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Question 1: How Important of a Role Player Will Justin Forsett be This Season and How Has he Impacted the Team So Far?

This all depends on when Dwayne Washington, Theo Riddick and Ameer Abdullah return. Forsett might not get much playing time when Riddick and Washington return and if Abdullah has a chance to comeback this season, you can expect Forsett to get cut. If Washington and Riddick need to miss more time, expect his role to increase with them on the sidelines.

He hasn’t impacted the team that greatly so far. He had a better performance against the Redskins then against the Rams. If Washington and Riddick miss the game against the Texans, you could see Forsett possibly start over Zenner, or get more carries as he had better vision and he was able to get more yards then Zenner.

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Question 2: What Do You Think of the Trade Involving Kyle Van Noy?

In case you haven’t heard the news, the Detroit Lions made a trade. They sent a 7th round pick and linebacker Kyle Van Noy to the New England Patriots for a 6th round pick. My first reaction to the trade was not good. Trading away a starting linebacker who, while hasn’t impressed, is a starter at a position on defense that you are lacking depth and skill at for a late round draft pick seems dumb. My other thought was that Quinn made this move because DeAndre Levy was coming back soon or they were signing a free agent. The only free agent that came to mind was Josh Bynes.

Within two hours after the trade, the Detroit Lions signed Josh Bynes to a contract. Now that we have a replacement who is better than Van Noy and we moved up in the draft, the trade seems to be a good deal. Some people were saying Detroit would get a 3rd round pick for Van Noy and that was laughable to hear. Van Noy wasn’t a good linebacker so getting a sixth by giving up him and a seventh seems like a fair deal to me.

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Question 3: How Important Was the Win Against the Redskins?

This game wasn’t a “must win” or any of that. Detroit’s last “must win” was against the Eagles since we were 1-3 and losing that game could have made the team feel worse. It would’ve been harder to get into the playoff hunt. This win was big though no doubt. Detroit is on a three game winning streak and they need this momentum if they want to possibly make the playoffs.

Detroit plays the Texans and Vikings next, both away games, before the bye week. Detroit might be 5-4 going into the bye, but if they can keep up momentum from the last three games, Detroit may be 6-3 into the bye and that would be huge for this team. This is the third straight win against a winning team, which can build up confidence for the team and makes them believe in themselves even more.

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