Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers: NFL Week Two Preview

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The Detroit Lions Will Be Looking For Some Redemption This Week As They Head Across The Country To Take On Jimmy Garappolo And The San Francisco 49ers. 

The Detroit Lions and their fans need to have a short memory. That’s really all that you can do after what happened on Monday. There’s no time to mope around saying that the season is lost when there are 15 games left for us to win. Matthew Stafford is going to lead this team wherever they go and rest assured that he will probably never play like he did on Monday again, at least for the rest of this season. The 49ers are most likely a better team than the Jets, so the Lions need to get their act together quickly.

This Weeks Opponent: The San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers also come into week one as a winless team, however, they are under much different circumstances. The loss in Minnesota was expected and they did make it a close game despite trailing most of the way. The Niners signed linebacker Terence Garvin Wednesday and brought up offensive lineman Najee Toran from the practice squad. The Garvin pickup is interesting because the 49ers sent linebacker Eli Harold to the Lions during the preseason. The main issue for the 49ers last week was scoring in the red zone against a tough Minnesota defense. Hopefully, Lions coach Matt Patricia, who likely suffered from a lack of film on Jets quarterback Sam Darnold last week, can use some of that game film from last week to keep the Niners out of the end zone.

Jimmy Garappolo Against The Lions Defense

Some people have been going as far as to call quarterback Jimmy Garappolo, who is now paid more than Stafford, an elite quarterback after half a season as a starting quarterback in the NFL. I will admit that his stats for the eight games he has started are somewhat impressive, but I’m definitely not ready to crown him as elite, especially after looking at the teams he faced in those games. During the offseason, the 49ers downgraded at tailback by bringing in Jerick McKinnon (who is done for the year with an injury) to replace Carlos Hyde, but they did add a post-prime Richard Sherman on defense. You have to think that Patricia and Garappolo have some ideas on how to stop each other from their shared time in New England.

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