Ask the Intern: Defense + Stafford = Playoffs?

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A Big Win Over New Orleans Has Fans Drinking a Lot of Kool-Aid

Well would you look at that. Detroit can win a game without having to have a comeback in the fourth quarter. The defense has been improving over the past few weeks and the offense is clicking. Detroit is 8-4 with first place in the NFC North with just four games left to go this season. Many are wondering what lies next, and I can tell you that it looks beautiful.

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Question 1: Since Drew Brees Performed Poorly Against the Lions Defense, How Will The Rest Of The Quarterbacks We Play Do And Was Our Defense That Good Or Were There Just Many Offensive Errors?

For the first question, it won’t be easy. Sure we get Matt Barkley this week against the Bears, but after that it gets tougher. We get Eli Manning, who can be good or bad, he has yet in my opinion taken that next step that Stafford seems to have made. Then Dak Prescott or Tony Romo, either one won’t be easy, and we all know about Aaron Rodgers. With Quandre Diggs out it will be tougher to play against those three guys.
For the second question I think it was a little of both. Our secondary had two good interceptions and one that was just in desperation. The line could only get to Brees once and they did allow a few big passing plays to running backs. The Saints did have some drops that could have given them more chances at times and a challenge that didn’t go their way. The Lions did make stops when it needed them and made some big plays, so you can’t discredit them and say they did nothing or got lucky.
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Question 2: Can Matt Stafford Keep Up One Of His Best Seasons Yet?

One hundred percent yes. Stafford is looking elite and while he is out of the MVP talks, many people still think he deserves it and he is looking great. He won’t have the most yards or touchdowns in his career this year, but as a leader and without Calvin Johnson he is looking just fine. He could lead this team to the playoffs and possibly its first Lombardi trophy.
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Question 3: How Many More Wins Do You Think We Will Need To Lock Up The Division Title?

It won’t be easy and it might not be quick. Detroit takes on Chicago this week which should be an easy win. Green Bay plays Seattle which is a question everyone around the subreddit and Twitter is asking. Do we want Seattle or Green Bay to win? I think we need to focus on the division more than anything, so cheer for Seattle.
Now if Green Bay loses, and Detroit wins, then they are three games back with three games left in the season. If Minnesota loses as well, then they would be eliminated from the race since they would need four games to jump us. Sadly I see Minnesota beating Jacksonville this week.
So Week 15 is the week. If Detroit is up by three games against the Packers, then a win or a Packer loss would knock Green Bay out and Detroit wins the division. So Detroit needs at least two more wins to claim this thing and not have to rely on other teams to beat Green Bay or Minnesota.

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