How Detroit Lions Backup Quarterback Jake Rudock Did In 2017

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The Backup Quarterback Jake Rudock Had An Interesting 2017 Season.

The time to prove his worth was in 2017 and backup quarterback Jake Rudock had some turbulence during that season. After coming in as the third-string quarterback in 2016, and making the practice squad, only to get promoted to the 53 man roster to avoid getting picked up by another team, Rudock was promoted to the backup after former backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky retired. As the backup to a franchise quarterback, a lot of pressure can be on your shoulders if you have to come into any games, Rudock felt that last year.

The Lions drafted quarterback Brad Kaaya in the 2017 draft to give Rudock a run for his money, and a non-guaranteed backup job on the roster. Rudock would out-duel the former Miami Hurricane and send him to the free agency pool, where the Carolina Panthers would sign him and by mid-October, he would be released, only to return to Detroit where he would be on the practice squad until December where the Indianapolis Colts claimed him.

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Jake Rudock’s 2017 Season Review

While only appearing in three games, one where he had to throw passes as Stafford went down with a hand injury, Rudock struggled. Finishing the game (and the season) 3/5 for 60 yards and an interception that would be returned for a touchdown, it wasn’t what Rudock had in mind for his NFL regular season debut.

2018 will have to be a certain prove-it type of season for Rudock, as Detroit signed quarterback Matt Cassel to a one-year contract. Cassel is a veteran who could have the experience to replace Rudock, or he could just be a camp body for competition for Rudock as he could be given a second chance in 2018.

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