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The Detroit Lions Failed Against The Jets

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris is joined by a guy who we should just call a co-host at this point, Jeff Risdon to break down this week in Detroit Lions news. The opener against the Jets was nothing short of humiliating. For fans, the players, the coaching staff, the franchise, and the city. What does this mean for the 2018 Lions? Are they really this bad? Was there anything redeeming to take away from this game? In this episode, we answer those questions, and let our listeners put the team on blast.

A Four Step Plan

We start the show with the numerous listener calls we got in response to the Jets game. These run the gamut of emotions from rage, to mockery, to hopeful, to just plain pissed drunk. Your calls to the Detroit Lions Podcast do a great job of giving voice to the Lions fans, and we plan on allowing our listeners to put *anyone* on blast every week. You call, we’ll put it on the air. Go ahead and vent, it’s the only way to clear the air. Step one is to let it out.

From there we talk about the game, player reactions, fan reactions, and try to give perspective on what this season might hold. We don’t sugar coat or make excuses, but we also want people to put down the toasters and get out of the bathtub. It’s not time yet. There are a number of things that this team and coaching staff did wrong, but let’s not burn the house down just yet… Step two is to review.

We move on to discuss the Jets defense and their assertion that they knew the Lions offensive plays. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, and it seems to have often been the case since the Lombardi years. The one person who is on a hot seat right now is Jim Bob Cooter. We talk about why he may still be with the team, and what the situation for him looks like going forward. Real Cooter talk here. If all this is true, there’s a key to why Matthew Stafford looked so bad this week. We also discuss how great Quandre Diggs and Kenny Golladay looked – the news isn’t all terrible. Step three is to improve.

The Detroit Lions Podcast Looks Ahead In Step Four

Lastly, we look to the upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. A win here would be amazing, but there’s more than just a win at stake here. The team’s reaction and how they rebound is going to be crucial in defining what this team is made of; what kind of soul they have. As we say in the show, there are a number of teams in the playoffs whose season retrospectives point to games such as this one as character-defining moments. This could be one of those moments for the Lions. Step 4 is to execute.

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