Matthew Stafford Struggles as the Detroit Lions Fall To The Jets

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Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford Had One Of The Worst Games Of His Career In Monday Night’s Game Against The New York Jets. 

The New York Jets blew out the Detroit Lions in pretty much every aspect of the game on Monday night. Like most of the Detroit Lions preseason games, it was hard to watch.

Matthew Stafford struggled mightily and turned in what may have been the absolute worst game of his entire professional career. This resulted in a blowout from a team that most people were expecting the Lions to handle with ease.

Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Stafford came out flat and never rebounded over the course of the game. He threw four interceptions and had a fifth pass that could have been a fifth if the referees had decided to review the play.

He never looked like he was comfortable in the offense, made some very poor reads, had a few miscommunications with receivers, struggled with ball placement, the list goes on and on.

The poor wide receiver play didn’t help. The beating that he took in the pocket didn’t help. But he was struggling before any of that. It was simply a bad performance.

This was an abysmal performance from Stafford and that resulted in an abysmal viewing experience for fans.

This is NOT an indication of what is to come for Stafford. I don’t think that a single season opener should be a reason to panic about the Lions franchise quarterback. If there is one thing that the Lions fan base can count on, it is Stafford.

Stafford’s performance sheds light on another issue, unfortunately.

This team lives and dies on the arm of Stafford. Of course, a team is going to struggle when their quarterback turns the ball over four times, but the Lions were completely lost in all facets of the game without a serviceable performance from their quarterback. That should speak to the state of the rest of the roster.

Many of the problems from Monday night’s blowout loss to the Jets fall on Stafford, but the Lions didn’t look competitive across the board, and that is the more concerning issue to me.

This team didn’t look prepared to win a game when Stafford turns in an average performance. If you can’t win games without your quarterback in peak form, you may not win many games. This Lions team did not give any indication on Monday night that they are going to win many games.

Head coach Matt Patricia is going to have to do some serious work to get ready for week two.

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