The Detroit Lions Podcast Power Rankings – Week 2

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Where Do The Detroit Lions Land In This Week’s Power Rankings?

To be on the same page about where these power rankings are coming from, let me be clear about something. They’re based on the here and now. We’ve seen two weeks of NFL action to date. That’s where I’m looking. There is no historical leniency or future expectation being factored in here. I’m looking at you, Pittsburgh. So while I may expect some teams (the Detroit Lions for example) to turn things around, they are what they are until that resonates. With that being said, it won’t just be a list based on win/loss records either. Matchups do matter. A close, tough loss to a good team on the road may not hurt a team so much. Just as a close, tight win at home against a subpar team may not help a ton. Major injuries will be accounted for as well. Without further delay, here it goes.

1. Los Angeles Rams 2-0

The Rams’ attempt to purchase a super team is off to a good start. It doesn’t always work out when teams take this approach, but when they were already a division champion and add the talent of guys like Ndamukong Suh, Aquib Talib, and Brandin Cooks it’s hard to imagine they don’t keep rolling.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 2-0

While the defense has been suspect, the offense looks like a juggernaut. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is out there breaking records while doing his best John Elway impression. The abundance of talent on the offensive side of the ball is scary. I don’t know how even the best of defenses can take away all their weapons.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-0

After a convincing win over the Patriots, it’s safe to say the Jags aren’t in any danger of sliding after their postseason success last year. If Blake Bortles continues to look like a legit NFL quarterback the AFC is going to have its hands full come the postseason.

4. Minnesota Vikings 1-0-1

The Vikings had a chance to drop a game at Lambeau and figured it out in time to avoid the loss. While a tie isn’t optimal, most teams don’t walk out of that game without the L. This team is going to be hovering near the top all season. The Detroit Lions microscopic divisional hopes have quite the boulder in front of them with Minnesota.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0

It’s hard to ignore the first couple performances. Knocking off two preseason favorites to reach the Superbowl in convincing fashion has to be respected. I don’t know if Fitzmagic can continue for long, but right now it’s in full fledge and they look like a high powered machine on offense.

6. New England Patriots 1-1

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the Patriots are still one of the best teams in the NFL even after dropping a game on the road to a stacked Jags team.

7. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1

The reigning champs have looked hot and cold at times. I do give them a bit of credit for almost completing a big comeback in Tampa. But the big story here is Carson Wentz’s imminent return. This is a different offense with Wentz at the helm.

8. Cincinnati Bengals 2-0

The Bengals offense is miles better than I expected. Though their early opponents haven’t been ultra impressive, neither game was particularly close. They’re quietly taking care of their business.

9. Green Bay Packers 1-0-1

Green Bay has played two really good halves and two really bad halves. For now, they linger inside the top 10. I’m still not sure which Jekyll/Hyde mask to believe here.

10. Denver Broncos 2-0

They’ve beaten a couple of teams that they should beat. But that’s all that can be asked in the NFL. So far so good.

11. Miami Dolphins 2-0

12. Atlanta Falcons 1-1

13. Los Angeles Chargers 1-1

14. Carolina Panthers 1-1

15. New Orleans Saints 1-1

16. San Francisco 49ers 1-1

17. Baltimore Ravens 1-1

18. Chicago Bears 1-1

19. New York Jets 1-1

20. Pittsburgh Steelers 0-1-1

21. Indianapolis Colts 1-1

22. Washington Redskins 1-1

23. Dallas Cowboys 1-1

24. Tennessee Titans 1-1

25. Cleveland Browns 0-1-1

26. New York Giants 0-2

27. Detroit Lions 0-2

The negatives have been apparent when watching the Lions in the first two weeks. There has been enough coverage on that front. I want to note some of the positives to change it up. The running game looked markedly better against San Francisco than the Lions have shown in a good while. The power running designs seem to be working much better than the delays and zone blocking schemes that offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter has been clinging to during his tenure. Running back Kerryon Johnson is living up to expectations even with little usage. Second-year wideout, Kenny Golladay has looked fantastic early in this season. He has the makeup of a true #1 receiver in this league and that has me excited. Through two games the defense hasn’t looked great but hasn’t looked completely terrible either. It’s been hit or miss on that side of the ball with the hope being that they continue to progress in head coach Matt Patricia‘s system. If they can’t get their gap assignments and missed tackles under control it’s going to be hard to keep up, however. I do expect to see improvement for the Lions, but for now, it’s hard to justify putting them much higher on this list.

28. Oakland Raiders 0-2

29. Seattle Seahawks 0-2

30. Houston Texans 0-2

31. Arizona Cardinals 0-2

32. Buffalo Bills 0-2

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