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In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case take a look at the Lions loss to the Bears, talk about where we get things wrong, and discuss the heartbreak that comes with dashed expectations.  We also take a look ahead to the Rams.

Detroit Lions Podcast Talks Turkey

This week we begin by talking about the turkey that the Lions left on the field against the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving morning. Chris discusses the offense and which areas Jim Bob Cooter and Matt Patricia run – you’ve not heard this anywhere else.  They also discuss Matthew Stafford‘s role. There is a lot to look at here and it looks like we have more than enough information to make some serious decisions about Detroit Lions personnel. Decisions that include both players and the coaching staff. It’s about not throwing the baby out with the bath water at this point and surgically removing the pieces that cost us the most.

Case takes an introspective look at what being wrong is like. Chris rallies around the moment and celebrates Case having to eat some crow since he loves to celebrate his “I told you so’s” so much.  The reality is, no one gets everything right, and some people deserve to know when they are wrong a heck of a lot more than others. Just ask the person who writes the show notes… lol

We hit some key program notes and wind up with a big ask. We are looking for someone with a Detroit Lions party bus.  We’re shooting a video (more info in the show) and need this bus to be a part of it.  The bus’s owner can do the driving, we just need it as a prop for the video. Get in touch with us via Twitter or via the contact form on the website if you can help out – we’ve got something great in mind…

Time To Take It Deep

Next, the Detroit Lions Podcast tackles a difficult topic surrounding the team this year – unmet expectations. We discuss how we got our expectations so high, ask what we missed, and topic walk across various areas in which the team has met expectations.  We ask whether expectations were realistic, whether we were lied to, and what warning signs were missed.  This is a pretty meaty topic and we have a pretty robust discussion.  There’s likely more to be covered here in the future, but for now, we feel it gets a solid treatment in the current context of the Lions situation.

Moving ahead, we take a look at the upcoming game against the Los Angeles Rams and discuss where the team’s opportunities might lie.

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