Ep: 200 – Last Stop Before The Combine – The Detroit Lions Podcast

In this episode of The Detroit Lions Podcast, Chris and Case break down the latest free agency and draft info, take a look ahead at key dates coming up in the NFL and have Jeff Risdon join us for a walk around the Lions X-Files.

Things start off once again with us asking for your input. We have a quick ask of our listeners. Please go to http://DetroitLionsPodcast.com/2019-listener-survey and complete a quick survey about the show. This survey will help us to ensure the show is the very best it can be for you, and a great way to give us feedback and be heard. We don’t ask for any personal information, we have no way of contacting you, bothering you, or selling your info. We just want your input so we can be sure that we are hitting all of the marks in bringing you the best show possible.

Detroit Lions Podcast Gears Up For The Combine

From there the Detroit Lions Podcast takes a final look at free agency before things open up and the signings begin. We also take a quick look at the draft ahead of the combine after which everything will change – at least it seems that way every year.  We also take a look at key dates coming up in the NFL. These dates will start rolling through pretty quickly here, so its good to keep them on your radar. We also start talking about our annual draft party.  Get ready for a great time again this year!

Lastly, we take a quick minute to let everyone know that there won’t be a new Detroit Lions Podcast episode next week.  Both Chris and Case are traveling and the logistics involved with getting everyone together were just too much.  We’ll be back on March 13th to break down the Lions 2019 free agent signings from the first day of free agency. That being said, be sure to keep an eye on our @DetLionsPodcast twitter account next week, particularly on Monday. Some fun and exciting things are coming, and this is just the beginning.

The Riz Brings It Again

Last, but not least, we bring a sick Jeff Risdon onto the Detroit Lions Podcast for a mix of Lions X-Files and myth busters with some real talk about Matthew Stafford. The poor guy is living on cough drops, but still brings some interesting content to the discussion.  Lastly, we discuss Jeff’s latest mock draft and get a feel for where Jeff thinks the team is at.

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