NFL Week 10 Preview: Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky Will Look To Build On The Team’s Turnaround Season Against The Detroit Lions Who Have Won Nine Out The Last Ten Matchups Between The Two Teams. 

The Detroit Lions season is rapidly disappearing. The team is now in a position where they likely have to win seven out of their final eight games to make the postseason. Although that’s not out of the realm of possibility, it really is not looking likely at this point. The Golden Tate trade was a sign that the team is really looking to the future and is not going all in on this season in particular. Special Teams Coordinator Joe Marciano was also let go this week with head coach Matt Patricia calling it a “necessary move.” All that being said, fans need to do their best to enjoy the second half season because once it’s over we have another eight months with no real football. For now, we turn our attention to the Chicago Bears.

This Weeks Opponent: The Chicago Bears

The Bears come into this week as a 5-3 team and in a tie with the Minnesota Vikings at first in the division. The last two weeks have been laughers for Chicago: a 41-9 win against Buffalo, and a 24-10 win against the Jets. If you look at the Bears on a surface level statistically, they look like a legitimate Super Bowl contender. You also have to take their level of competition to this point into the equation though. A 5-3 record is a disappointment to this point for a team that boasts the league’s fifth-rated offense and fourth-rated defense.

I can take shots at Chicago all I want but the reality is that the Lions haven’t exactly won every game that they should have either. While Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is by no means a proven quarterback, the one thing about the Bears that really is not up for debate is the eliteness of their defense. When they added linebacker Khalil Mack prior to week one, that really put them over the top, but even with him sidelined for the last two weeks they only gave up a total of 19 points. Chicago’s defense will almost undoubtedly do their job, but even with the number of possessions that his defense has given him, there are still a lot of question marks around the Trubisky and the Chicago offense.

Do The Bears Really Have A Legit QB?

Last season, cornerback Darius Slay had five total passes deflected and two interceptions against the Bears. Trubisky’s QBR in the two games against the Lions last year were 53 and 15 respectively. Unfortunately for their rookie QB, the Bears really didn’t try to make it difficult for opponents to smother their receivers last season. Wide receiver Dontrelle Inman against Slay, who wins that matchup 90 percent of the time? This season they brought in Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, and second-round pick Anthony Miller to add depth at wide receiver. These additions have proven to be helpful in the progression of the young quarterback.

Trubisky was able to keep the Bears in it at home last season, despite not having any weapons outside of running backs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, and the Lions needed a field goal in the final two minutes to win it. This worries me because, with a few decent receivers at his disposal and a crazy good defense, the mediocre play might be all that’s necessary to beat the Lions in Chicago.

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