NFL Week 15 Preview: Detroit Lions @ Buffalo Bills

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The Detroit Lions Head To Buffalo This Week And Have A Chance To Put Themselves Back Into The Playoff Picture With Some Help From Around The League. 

Not many people thought that we would be sitting here talking about potential playoff scenarios in week 15 with a 5-8 Detroit Lions squad. Here we are. I’ll be honest, I was indifferent on whether the team won or lost last week. Now that I’ve seen the potential scenario where Detroit gets into the postseason (a fairly likely one in my opinion), I’m all in on winning the last three games.

That being said, the Lions still have to take care of their own business. I won’t break down the entire playoff scenario with three weeks to go, but here’s a quick rooting guide for this weekend and a guestimation of the chance that each result happens.

Dolphins over Vikings; toss-up

Ravens over Buccaneers; likely

Bears over Packers; very likely

Jaguars over Redskins; likely

Titans over Giants; toss-up

Rams over Eagles; very likely

Saints over Panthers; very likely

Detroit may be in for a game against Minnesota with some high stakes next week.

This Weeks Opponent: The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are an interesting team, to say the least. They looked horrific off the bat, but since they slapped the Vikings, they’ve been playing pretty okay football. No small thanks to rookie quarterback Josh Allen who’s been getting the job done mostly on the ground rather than through the air. In fact, he just became the fourth Bill to ever rush for 95+ yards in three straight games. That’s very impressive for a QB. Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis is coming off of a good game and will likely be given QB spy duties on Sunday.

Overall Buffalo comes in as a statistically unimpressive team on a two-game skid. Their 15.5 ppg on offense is actually worse than the Lions offensive production since the Golden Tate trade which sits at about 17 ppg. Despite their low offensive output and a defense that ranks just 20th in points allowed, the Bills hold a modest record of 4-9. With slim playoff hopes on the line for the Lions and fiercer opponents on the horizon, this game has a bit of a feel of the Cincinnati game from last season.

The Perfect Storm

This should be a fun game for the Lions. Opposing rookie quarterback, players get to be outside in the snow. Who thought practicing outside was a good idea? Oh yeah, the Lions head coach Matt Patricia, he knows what he’s doing. As for the snow, Sunday’s current forecast is 38 and partly cloudy. Maybe that snow practice will come in handy at Lambeau week 17. Old mother nature is fickle so who knows what kind of weather may show up. One thing is for sure. If all goes well this week, the Lions could find themselves in the middle of a perfect storm.

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