Who Is Your Favorite Detroit Lion Of All Time? Tournament Style – Part 1

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Much Like The Annual NCAA Tournament, A 64-Player Bracket Will Decide Who Is Truly The Most Popular Detroit Lion Of All Time. 

Welcome to the introduction of the Detroit Lions Fan-Favorite Tournament. Using a series of articles to poll the fans, the goal is to decide who the most popular Detroit Lion throughout history is. This isn’t a tournament based on skill or greatness, necessarily. Instead, when making your vote, choose based on personal opinion of the player. The criteria used in making that decision is up to the voter so follow your heart.


The tournament will use a generic 64-player bracket like the NCAA Tournament uses. It’s broken up into four regions of 16 players each. Instead of seeding the players by a meaningful ranking system they will be seeded randomly. As hard as it was to come to a conclusion on the 64 players, seeding them would have been even more daunting.  This will assure that no personal bias is used when creating the bracket as well as avoids pressures placed on the voter by pushing pre-conceived answers to the actual question. Taking this route will likely offer up some great early round matchups as well.


Notice there are only 63 players listed. That’s because the first vote of the tournament comes right here, right now. For the right to be the last player in the tournament…

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(Note: If you got here through a Twitter link you may not be able to see the poll. Just copy + paste the link into your browser instead and it should work. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

This initial poll will close Wednesday, May 30 at 11:59 pm. The winner will be the final entrant in the tournament.

Check back for the full bracket and first round of matchups soon here on DLP.

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