Fantasy Football: Teams Pull Ahead As Week 2 Finishes

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Week 2 Of Fantasy Football Has Ended, See How The Teams Stacked Up

It has been four solid weeks since the Detroit Lions Podcast Fantasy Football Leagues have drafted, and our best team name contest began. We took everyone’s team name as of just after the draft, and the staff narrowed down the 58 names to a solid 12. After a week with the survey open to vote on in the sub-reddit, a winner has been chosen.

It was a very close vote, but Pokebron Go is crowned best team name.

Around the fantasy leagues: League 1

My Cooter Itches 168.98 vs Lionsana 186.56: Two high scoring offenses went head to head but My Cooter Itches left some points on the playing field as Ameer Abdullah went down early and lost what could have been a closer matchup.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-4-17-57-pm

The Cooter Rooters 210.02 vs BRADY4everAcheater* 178.62: The Cooter Rooters out performed their projections to trounce BRADY4everAcheater*, who had many of their players come up short. Taking advantage of a great matchup, The Cooter Rooters played Cam Newton who had 55.82 points against the 49ers. BRADY4everAcheater* did dominate The Cooter Rooters defense, for them to maintain their dominance The Cooter Rooters will need to step up their IDP game!

Jersey Lions 160.72 vs Riddickulous 168.46: Riddickulous beat their projection by only four points, while Jersey Lions missed out on more than 30 points they were owed from their team. A few key players more than doubled their projections for Riddickulous, like Von Miller with 20.50 points and Melvin Gordon with 21.00 points. Those two players scored nearly as much as their Quarterback in Russel Wilson at 22.56 points.

Vagina Pun 155.42 vs King of the North! 150.82: This match up was a race to the bottom, as both teams did not perform to what they expected. Riddled with injuries on both sides collectively they had AJ Green, Danny Woodhead, Jonathan Stewart, and Adrian Peterson, four of which went out with injuries early and Green who was taken out of the game by the Steelers defense.

Golden Taint 174.42 vs Big Tah N’ The Squad 170.68: Even though Golden Taint didn’t perform to their projections, Big Tah N’ The Squad just missed the mark as they out performed what was expected of their team. Their defense is a perfect example of why an offense alone can’t win each week. Out of six defensive players Big Tah N’ The Squad had 5 players skunk or have 1 point. With so many decent defensive players on the waiver wire, Big Tah N’ The Squad can count on losing each week when they start players projected at less then 1 point. Big Tah N’ The Squad beat themselves this week.

Honolulu Bleau Bawls 167.06 vs Slays Cooter 167.80: As tight a win as you can get as Slays Cooter slumped from their projections by a couple points, but not enough to lose the matchup. Showing a strong defense, Slays Cooter is building a strong foundation for points, even when their offense under performs. Honolulu Bleau Bawls exceeded their projections with their offense and almost upset in this matchup, but a consistent defense could have pushed this team over Slays Cooter.

League 2

DrunkonKoolaid 167.62 vs Cooter’s Loins 204.06: Cooter’s Loins were very prolific this week with quality pass catching and ground game. Two chinks in Cooter’s Loins offense of kicker Hauschka (3 points) and Mark Ingram (8.7 points) did not hold back the 6 out performing players. A sizable offense pared with Cooter’s Loins hot and cold defense was enough to place second in points in this league for this week.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-7-32-12-pmJoey Harringtons Mom 144.16 vs Golden ‘Taters 241.74: In this week’s biggest blow out, Joey Harringtons Mom played like their real life counter part’s son. It’s almost like Joey Harringtons Mom has given up already, especially playing Markus Wheaton who met his projection of 0 points while 3 wide receivers had successful days on their bench.

Megatron’s Johnson 149.78 vs Phat Stafford 167.32: Unlike the real Megatron’s johnson, they came up short for the win this week. Projected to house Phat Stafford, instead missed out on 30 points. Of course Phat Stafford would exceed expectations starting Cam Newton, Demarco Murray, and Ted Ginn Jr.

Sophie’s choices 171.52 vs Jonesin for a Ziggy 193.92: Jonesin for a Ziggy amassed a great offense this week, paired with a consistent defense. Coming in just below 200 points, Jonesin for a Ziggy out performed. Sophie’s choices had some unfortunate skunks, and this could have been a closer game.

A Gurley Has No Name 159.82 vs Best Team Name: Todd Gurley, Arian Foster, and Levonte David lost this matchup for A Gurley Has No Name. All three of those players being must starts shows that any Sunday a fluke can cause you to lose no matter how much you prepare. With Foster injured now, A Gurley Has No Name will be on the look out for a RB2. Best Team Name has a very good defense.

League 3

PokÉbron Go 180.52 vs  Zenner Master 222.20: Zenner Master has put together a quality defense and offense, and will be a force to reckon with in this league. Seven players scored at least 10 points for Zenner Master while only five scored as much for PokÉbron Go.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-9-15-37-pm

HAHA CLIT ‘N’ DICKS 186.66 vs Riddickulous TDs 146.78: It was Riddickulous TDs matchup to lose as they were both projected within .20 points of each other. HAHA CLIT ‘N’ DICKS’ defense made the difference this week as Von Miller and Marcus Peters showed up to balance out Arian Foster’s injury. While both teams had impressive offenses show up to play, the game came down to defensive production. This is the strategy of IDP.

You’ll get Ngata 172.02 vs TheoRiddickly Winn’n 174.22: While You’ll get Ngata did have two quality players in Julio Jones and Carson Palmer, their offense just didn’t stand out like TheoRiddickly Winn’n’s did. This game came down to Dante Moncreif’s injury, and TheoRiddickly Winn’n’s defense being spotty.

Ruck Fodgers 191.96 vs Megatronix 199.42: In the battle of quality teams, Megatronix got the closest to a 200 point week. Kudos to Ruck Fodgers who played Isa Abdul-quddus who was projected at under 1 point but scored 6 for their defense. In the end Ruck Fodgers couldn’t compete with Megatronix elite wide receiver corps.

Grumble of Pugs 138.20 vs Harambatron 181.92: With Jonathan Stewart and Ameer Abdullah’s injuries coupled with Golden Tate‘s drops, Grumble of Pugs had no chance this week. Of course it wouldn’t have been so bad if they had played Stefon Diggs of their bench, considering he was a WR1 for week 1 & 2.  

Jonesing For Taters 140.52 vs Stafford Infection 182.52: It’s too bad Stafford Infection didn’t have better performance from from their defense, as they could have easily topped 200 points. Jonesing For Taters needs to claim some better receivers off the waiver wire as their low scoring offense bleeds into their bench.

League 4

Inglorious Staffords 186.56 vs N Dakota Drew Sharps 191.76: What should have been a positive showing by Inglorious Staffords became a pyrrhic victory for N Dakota Drew Sharps. Losing Jonathan Stewart and Jimmy Garoppolo, while also having Allen Robinson and Doug Baldwin questionable should make their week 3 interesting. What was a 3 point game, was extended as Jeremy Langford fumbled the ball during his game this week.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-52-22-pmSean’s Swell Team 173.52 vs It’s Ngata Cooter 186.54: Sean’s Swell Team under performed this week while It’s Ngata Cooter beat their projection to win. The combination of Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and Von Miller made It’s Ngata Cooter a formidable team even with a sub par defense.

Blizzard Crash 190.96 vs Fontes’ Follies 203.72: This is an interesting case where the offense of Fontes’ Follies overcame their weak defense with some great player matchups. With three players over 20 points, they dominated and broke 200 points.

HernandezDropDaSoap 205.06 vs Adrian’s Team 176.48: This matchup proves that you don’t sleep on HernandezDropDaSoap. Adrian’s Team left points on the field with Ameer Abdullah getting injured, but so did HernandezDropDaSoap with Lavonte David. Still rising to over 200 points, HernandezDropDaSoap is now at 2-0.

Zachary’s Team 183.02 vs Wawannawin Warpigs 144.10: Wawannawin Warpigs should have been flirting with 200 points this week, but must have been asleep at the wheel when setting his line-up. A lopsided defense and a poor showing from Antonio Brown helped to keep Wawannawin Warpigs score down. Zachary’s Team had three solid players score over 20 points and exceeded their projections for this upset.

Mr. Poopybutthole 135.02 vs Lord of Idiots 181.28: Dropping hard to Lord of Idiots, Mr. Poopybutthole needs to work on consistency. Though Lord of Idiots did take a major hit this week with the loss of Adrian Peterson, possibly for good. Good luck rebuilding your team after Brandon Marshall and Tyler Lockett are both injured.

Noob League

JumpersForGoalposts 70.72 vs Black n Blue Donuts: While everyone was sitting around wondering what a “JumpersForGoalposts” means, they went and gutter balled this week. Between 3 running backs they could only come up with a combined score of 12 points. Unfortunately this was mostly due to losing Adrian Peterson, and a sad showing from Thomas Rawls. Both teams did little to try and win this week, but Black n Blue Donuts “withstood victory”. *Noob level hint- check out the podcast Fantasy Footballers to improve your game*screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-11-26-43-pm

Some Points Please 152.64 vs RIP your team. 130.10: Both teams played effectively this week, but Some Points Please took RIP your team. to town. With six players over 10 points they dominated, starting Matt Forte, Kelvin Benjamin, and Matt Ryan breaking 20 points each. RIP your team. played a solid defense and kicker, in conjunction with a good offense. It just wasn’t good enough this week, dropping them to 0-2 for the season.

In it to win it 89.46 vs The willdbeasts 87.98: The willdbeasts had a mediocre offense this week, and both teams did not make their projections this week. In it to win it lost the battle to the bottom this week, scoring just enough to be declared the victor.

Aly’s Expert Team 89.96 vs Fratt Staffords 113.82: Though they should have been evenly matched, Fratt Staffords went above and beyond while Aly’s Expert Team was not expert this week. Aaron Rodgers and the Arizona defense were great moves to play this week for Fratt Staffords.

Ricky Bobby 91.36 vs Norfolk n Clue 152.62: Ricky Bobby was primed to score big this week, but caught the injury bug. Arian Foster and Dante Moncrief let down Ricky Bobby. Norfolk n Clue blew the doors off this matchup, more players out performed on their projections then dropped below them.

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