2 Person Spring Steelhead River Fishing Charter

Winning Bid: $195.69


2 Person Spring Steelhead River Fishing Charter on the Muskegon River ($500 value!) – Donated by Shawn Pomorski of godscountryguides.com

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User Bid Amount Server Date & Time
d....r$195.69Dec 10, 2022 01:43:29
c....1$190.00Dec 08, 2022 23:18:22
e....3$185.00Dec 08, 2022 08:59:23
c....1$175.00Dec 07, 2022 15:38:32
s....n$150.00Dec 07, 2022 07:24:39
c....1$110.00Dec 03, 2022 14:31:43
d....y$100.00Dec 03, 2022 12:03:41
c....0$25.00Dec 01, 2022 10:27:12
d....r$20.00Dec 01, 2022 10:06:21
c....0$15.00Nov 29, 2022 13:41:03

No returns/refunds - best effort will be made to correct any issues.

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