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As of right now all of our fantasy leagues are full. We will open another Intermediate League if we can get 12 people who are still interested in playing by end of day August 31 and can register/pay prior to draft day. The Draft is on September 4th. You can express interest in us creating another league by providing your info in the form located at this link.

The Rules of the Intermediate Fantasy Football League

We’re playing in standard FFL leagues with .5 point per reception (PPR) scoring. There is no weird fine print. In order to keep the guys whose drafts get blown up with week two injuries interested and making their lineups, the waiver wire will be done the way the NFL does it. If you are in last place, you have top waiver priority. If you are winning the league, you are last in waiver priority.

The draft date is September 4th as announced on the podcast. If you can not make that draft date and are not willing to set up a big board for an auto draft, your draft results may be less than stellar. Ash Thompson will be the commissioner for every league, he is generally a fairly hands-off guy unless someone complains about an obvious attempt to game the system. The difference between a bad trade and an illegal trade is whether or not the members of the league see fit to complain, and whether or not he agrees with them after consulting the players involved.

Play fair gentlefolk. The only rule is “don’t cheat” and if it’s broken, the offender(s) will be kicked out of the league without a refund and Ash will finish the season for the teams involved to the best of his ability.

The winner’s payout for each finishing position is as follows:

1st place: $90
2nd place: $55
3rd place: $35 + your choice of shirt from the DLP Merch Store
4th Place: Your choice of shirt from the DLP Merch Store

Each league will have 12 teams – no inter-league competition will take place unless we decide to throw an extra overall prize into the mix, but that won’t change any part of the individual league rules or play.

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