Last Chance For Jim Bob Cooter

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Bob Quinn has Gone to Great Lengths to Give Jim Bob Cooter the Opportunity to Win Back The Lions Fan Base. This Year May be His Last Chance.

Jim Bob Cooter has quickly made the transition from fan favorite with a fantastic name to the perceived cause of all of Detroit’s struggles. The transition happened so quickly that, if you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed it. Jim Bob Cooter, a once beloved figure among the Lions fan base has fallen so far from grace that many people see him as the singular force that is holding back a very talented Detroit Lions offense.

That criticism isn’t necessarily unfair.

The Lions have under-performed. The offensive line sustained injuries and the running back situation certainly hasn’t been ideal during Cooter’s time in Detroit but the offense has certainly not been as productive as fans have expected. I don’t think that those expectations are unreasonable.

There are plenty of offenses in the NFL that have done more with less. Jim Bob Cooter, while probably not completely responsible for the lack of offensive dominance, has certainly been a contributor to their struggles over the last couple of years. The game plans have been uninspired. The play calling has been sub-par. Jim Bob Cooter should be able to put together a productive offense.

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Jim Bob Cooter is probably on the hot seat this year. If the offense doesn’t live up to expectations, this is probably Cooter’s last year in Detroit. I don’t think that is an unfair situation for Jim Bob Cooter.

The Lions had pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball heading into the offseason. Bob Quinn had limited resources to allocate and he opted to focus on the offensive side of the ball instead.

Bob Quinn made a point to give Jim Bob Cooter everything that he needs to succeed.

The problems on the offensive side of the ball have mostly included pass protection and the running game, Mr. Quinn first addressed this by drafting Taylor Decker and signing TJ Lang and Rick Wagner last year.

This year Bob Quinn drafted two offensive lineman, including investing his first round pick in center Frank Ragnow. He invested his second round pick in running back Kerryon Johnson and his seventh round pick in a fullback. Additionally, the Lions signed LeGarrette Blount.

Quinn has given Jim Bob Cooter everything that he needs to succeed with Matthew Stafford. He has invested in every place that he needed to in order to address the offensive struggles. If Jim Bob Cooter can’t command a successful offense with the talent that he has, he likely doesn’t have it in him.

This year is make or break for Jim Bob Cooter, and rightfully so. It’s time for him to make a talented offense into a prolific one.

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